Posted by: Ken Riter | November 2, 2012

Bob Kerrey Gets Last Minute Endorsements!

OMAHA, NE – Bob Kerrey received some final election week endorsements, much to the chagrin of an already shaken Nebraska Republican Party. Most notable of them came from a prominent Republican in Nebraska politics past, Chuck Hagel.  Hagel said Bob Kerrey would put country ahead of party.  Hagel’s endorsement of Kerrey set off harsh reactions from leading GOP elected officials, including Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns. Hagel said his distaste for partisanship is behind his endorsement of Bob Kerrey.

Another notable endorsement Kerrey received was from actress Sally Field, who urged Nebraskans to vote for Bob Kerrey, not just because he is the most qualified, but since she lives in California, she can’t vote for her friend, but we can as Nebraska voters.

In another endorsement video, Cinema’s David Koechner finds a humorous way to tell Nebraska voters to support Bob Kerrey as well.  While not from the state, Koechner has in-laws in Nebraska. He also brings up the Fischer’s unfair and now infamous land grab lawsuit against their neighbors.

Two Senate leaders and conservative Democrats, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Mark Warner endorse Bob Kerrey.  Kerrey said, “both men are known as bi-partisan leaders in the Senate and I intend to join them in working across party lines to balance the budget when I’m elected.”  Congrats to the Bob Kerrey campaign for all the endorsements.  Can’t wait to see the elections results!


  1. not to get political, but David Koechner and Steve Martin and Sally Field and anyone else in Hollywood

    endorsing either Kerrey or Fischer for US Senate in Nebraska

    is always welcome to get involved in the new film industry in Omaha area.

    Besides Alexander Payne’s movie,

    several other indie films I hear are being made in Omaha area and elsewhere in Nebraska right now.


    • I agree. It would be nice if Omaha became a leading hub for Independent and Major films.


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