“We have a narrow window to stop a wannabe dictator from sabotaging our elections.”

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Posted by: Ken Riter | May 20, 2019

Poll Time For The 2020 Democratic Primary. 1st Poll 2019

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Democrats Divided

Democrats Continue To Be Divided

There’s a special place in HELL for non-Black #POC who interfere with increased #Diversity measures in the #Democratic Party.

Back on April 25th 2019, at a Douglas County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting, a Latina, Dulce Sherman, and a Native man, Jason Valandra, joined TWO WHITE WOMEN ( Dee Austin and Maureen Monahan) in sabotaging an Amendment Proposal meant to increase diversity on the Douglas County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee in Omaha, NE. As soon as my proposal was killed these four individuals and their allies all HIGH-FIVED each other. This is how petty the opponents to Diversity in Nebraska’s Democratic Party really are.

The current positions are African-American, Latinx & the “Diversity” position which is one position whom people from the Native, Asian-Pacific Islander (API), & LGBTQIA communities currently compete for. It also includes Religious Minorities and People Living with Disabilities. We have anywhere from 7–10 people from the Native, API & LGBTQIA communities compete for this position at County Convention’s election time. It is past due to fix this. The African-American and Latinx Rep do not see this level of competition. My measure would have created new positions each for Native, Asian-Pacific Islander and LGBTQIA representation, plus a new Diversity position for Religious Minorities & People Living with Disabilities, which are two groups we need to build up in the Democratic Party in Nebraska at both the State and County Level. To be honest, there are other groups we need to welcome into the Party as well and I, personally, have other changes to further Diversity in my personal timeline for the Party, but as a Queer Person of Color, I put a priority on Racial Minorities and the LGBTQIA representation because of the potential for poverty and violence these groups tend to suffer. Their voices need to be heard when the Executive Committee meets. Also, I believe Religious Minorities and People Living with Disabilities suffer as well, so I made sure to include some space for them as well. But, if there is anything someone feels isn’t covered, I can tell you, I have a timeline for Diversity across the board, and I also have diverse ways planned to embed Diversity in the Party.

The current Diversity position is filled by a very likable Native man, who supports expansion. The current Latinx Rep opposes expansion, while the African-American Rep, who I’ve worked with before, supports the expansion, as far as I know.

Why is this so important to me? I am Filipino & Queer, my communities (API & LGBTQIA) are NOT currently represented on the DCDP Executive Committee, while Dulce Sherman & Jason Valandra, who both opposed the proposal already HAVE representation from their communities on the Executive Committee. The Asian-Pacific Islander group is the fastest growing racial group in Nebraska, in fact, Iowa and Nebraska are 3rd and 4th respectively, when you compare growth of the Asian-Pacific Islander community nationwide, we must be ready to accept them and welcome them with open arms in our Democratic Community.
Please support Increased Diversity Measures in the Democratic Party with me!

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Reblog from I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog.

These are images from Charlottesville, Virginia last night. These are white people in their twenties and thirties. Like me. These are people who are in my generation, the millennial generation, the one frequently lambasted for “participation trophies” and “needing safe spaces.” These are people that look like my coworkers, my colleagues, my brothers, my cousins. […]

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OMAHA, NE – A Hillary Clinton Campaign office in North Omaha fired a Black Parent for picking up her kids at a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Event at The Waiting Room in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha, NE.  Ironic, considering the Clinton Campaign champions itself to be an ally to the Black Community, to Women, to Parents and of course, thanks to Bernie, to Working Families. What happened with that Hillary? So much for diversity in the campaign. Diversity is now almost nonexistent in the Omaha Clinton Campaign.  I’m not surprised, as one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement points out the Clinton’s have historically used the Black Community for votes.  I agree, and I extend the accusation to other political identities as well. It has become a trademark behavior of NeoLiberal politicians and organizations to use minorities for votes while profiting from their pain.

Bernie Delegates were mistreated at the DNC. That’s no secret to those who are not comatose. They were also mistreated at the State and County Level, by a conspiracy of moles working inside the Bernie Campaign to sabotage it for Hillary. That mistreatment continues as the Old Guard in Nebraska struggles to hang on to mere threads of the establishment power they have left. The Parent fired by the Hillary Campaign for picking up her kids at a GOTV was also unfairly cut for National Delegate consideration, like many other Bernie Delegates in Nebraska, due to her connections to other Progressives in the State despite the Democrats’ need for persons of color in the Party, including the DNC Convention itself.

Stay tuned.

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