Posted by: Ken Riter | November 2, 2014

Help Protect Religious Freedom Today from Religious Extremism.

OMAHA, NE – Members of the Christian Right from across the US will gather online, today, Sunday November 2, 2014 to protect their religious extremism in a very special show of Radical Christian Sharia, a Bigot Fest.  The Family Research Council is hosting a live webcast out of some extremist church in Houston, Texas at 7pm ET tonight. The event is called “I Stand Sunday” and will feature various Christian leaders and speakers, including such nobodies as the Benham Brothers and Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The event will be represented on Twitter by the hashtag #IStandSunday.

Obviously, we know something is up, something’s a miss here. Anything involving the Family Research Council should more than just raise your brow.  Designated an Anti-LGBT Hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, their specialty is defaming the LGBT Community. They regularly make false claims about the LGBT Community using debunked science and false research. LGBT people suffer as a result. The Benhams and Robertson have also spoken against the LGBT Community in similar ways.

And why are the Radical Christians doing this?  Because some Queers want to be treated equally. You know how that threatens those simple minded simpletons on the far right. “How dare them damn queers demand their freedoms in our country”  You know, same shit, different day.

Luckily, pro-LGBT Progressives have gotten wind of this nonsense and we are asking all able-bodies tweeters to join us in unison to smother the #IStandSunday hashtag with “love” and of course pro-LGBT, pro-Progressive soundbites to keep the truth alive in counteracting this Charade of Radical Christian Sharia. Soundbites like ” The Constitution protects Religious Freedom from Religious Extremism” would help.  Pro-LGBT slogans would also help, and just remember to include the hashtag #IStandSunday in any tweet you make so it will be counted in the Trending on Twitter tally. Also, by tweeting the right information and soundbites with this hashtag, when people see what trended under the hashtag by clicking on it, they will see it full of our slogans, and not just the hate and misinformation of the Radical Christian Sharia.

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