Posted by: Ken Riter | July 30, 2014

TeaBaggers Picked The Name!!!

OMAHA, NE – Nowadays Conservatives, Republicans and even overly sensitive Progressive elite types will get offensive  over the words TeaBag, Teabagger, and TeaBaggery, but lets get real!  Get over it!!!  The TeaBaggers picked the name!!!  Remember those very public protests that came out against all those horrible taxes we all have to pay, and a group of whites wanted to TeaBag the new black President? Taxed Enough Already, that’s what they said. Let’s not forget the hats they wore with TeaBags a hanging, loose politics a dangling.

Forget StarBucks.....

The TeaBagger Special

Older political terms like  Tories and Whigs originally were considered insults when they started, but are now common names for conservatives in other countries. So deal with it…..

Rachel Maddow covered much the Tea Party doing its TeaBagging thang in the early days of Obama’s presidency. Oh the Insani-TEA of it all! She had quite a laugh in some of her shows about it.

The Humble Libertarian wanted YOU to TEABAG the Fools in DC.

Listen TeaBaggers, quit your crying. You guys built this with your own ignorance!!!  When your group made its existence known by wearing teabags on your stupid hats and teabags on your ignorant heads and carrying misspelled signs that said, “TeaBag the President before he TeaBags you!” or TeaBag the Democrats before they TeaBag you!” someone was bound to call you all “TEABAGGERS”.  The Tea Party represents what got left behind in American schools. For example, these people think they are experts on what the LGBT community is about, but somehow they didn’t know gay guys like to “teabag” each other before they decided to put “TeaBag the President before he TeaBags you” on their signs in their earliest rallies! The perfect name for the perfect symbols of ignorance America has EVER had to offer!!!

TeaBagger Grammar

Get a Brain, Morans. LOL


Evolution of the word TeaBagger

Reminder to TeaBag Fools in DC.

Maddow Slams Conservative Campaign to TeaBag

Maddow Jokes About TeaBagging.

Olbermann Reminds TeaBaggers Who Picked Their Name

Rachel Maddow: Conservatives Rally Around TeaBagging

TeaBagger Rally

Yes! TeaBag the Liberals Before They TeaBag You!!!

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