Posted by: Ken Riter | March 4, 2016

Ten Reasons Progressive Oasis Endorses Bernie Sanders

OMAHA, NE – Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic Presidential Nomination has gone from LongShot to Phenomenon.  Progressive Oasis has Felt The Bern since before it became cool! The Bernie Sanders Platform is YUGE, so I will condense down to my favorite points as to why I endorse him.

  1. Fight Climate Change: One of his biggest platforms, Bernie Sanders wants to invest in clean, sustainable energy, create a national environment plan and stop the Fossil Fuel Lobby by cutting their subsidies and ending their massive donations.
  2. Free College Tuition: One of my personal favorites, Sanders supports free tuition and debt free college. He would make this possible to pay for by taxing Wall Street speculation.
  3. Create Decent Paying Jobs: Bernie Sanders will accomplish this large task be being the Job Creating President with the Rebuild America Act, which would use our American labor force to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. A cost of 1 Trillion dollars would be covered by closing corporate tax loopholes. This plan will create 13 Million good paying jobs for job hungry Americans.
  4. Supports A Living Wage, Fight Income Inequality: A tremendous amount of our nations wealth goes to a wealthy few, while millions of Americans Live in Poverty. Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 and make the rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. He to reverse trade policies like NAFTA that have killed our labor force and sent jobs overseas. And he’ll break up the large financial institutions and reform Wall Street.
  5. Supports The Equality Act and LGBT Equality: Bernie Sanders has a long history of supporting LBT Equality. As Mayor he supported his city’s first ever Pride Parade. In Congress he voted against DADT and DOMA and he is a strong Co-Sponsor of the Equality Act. As President, Sanders will sign the Equality Act and any other pro-LGBT Legislation.
  6. Supports Racial Justice: Sanders wants to address the central types of violence waged against racial minorities: Physical, Political, Legal, Economic, and Environmental. He address these by demilitarizing our nation’s police forces, investing in community policing, creating god jobs, addressing poverty, etc.
  7. Legalization of Marijuana: Supports ending the Federal Prohibition on Marijuana. He has also gone on record saying he’d support it at a state level, too!
  8. Women’s Rights: Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed Feminist and was even dubbed an Honorary Woman by well known Feminist Gloria Steinem. Sanders has pledged to fight for Pay Equity, protect reproductive rights, fund Planned Parenthood, support Family Leave and expand the WIC program for mothers and infants.
  9. Ending Mass Incarceration: Will end Mass Incarceration and Private Prisons
  10. Electoral and Political Reform: Bernie Sanders wants Big Money out of Politics. He has said he’ll only appoint justices to SCOTUS who oppose Citizens’ United. He’ll support a Constitutional Amendment making it clear Congress and the States have the power to regulate money in politics. Will Eliminate SuperPACs. He will also engage in other reforms such as restoring the Voting Rights Act, Making Election Day a National Holiday and ending Gerrymandering.

And there you go, a few of the reasons why I support Bernie Sanders!


  1. It’s too bad he is not nominated as a Democrat presidential candidate.


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