Posted by: Ken Riter | May 5, 2014

Nebraska, The Not Open For Business State.

OMAHA, NE – Welcome to Nebraska! The state where The Good Life withered and died, along with civil rights, access to healthcare, and the ability to pay your bills among a long list of things. Oddly enough, Omaha and Nebraska end up on a number of top lists, but it seems to me those only apply to those who rich, white, and Christian, the holders of the so called “Good Life”. This article, in particular,  Omits a lot of things you need to know if you are moving to Omaha. I’d like to point some out: The Public Transportation is horrible here. You better have a car, or you might not make it to work or school. According to WalletHub, Nebraska is the third worst taxpayer state, right after California and New York. Omahans would like to think their city is a progressive city, but this is hampered by being located in such a backwards state. Nebraska RightWing NutJobs killed Medicaid Expansion. Hope you have healthcare access, Nebraska doesn’t care about you. Nebraska conservatives also killed a  Minimum Wage increase, a bill covering LGBT Non-Discrimination, second parent adoption and foster parenting legislation.  Nebraska is one of the least LGBT friendliest places in the USA, topping it off with one of the nations toughest anti-Marriage Equality SuperDOMA.  Are you African-American? Nebraska’s largest city, Omaha, was recently recorded as the most dangerous city for African-Americans. Don’t feel safe here, Out-of-Stater, minorities don’t.

  The negative list is endless, these just came to mind first. So, don’t be poor, and certainly don’t be a minority of any class if you want to have an easy time here. Future Top Lists that try to put Omaha or Nebraska in a positive light, BEWARE! The truth is out there. Here is the breakdown.

Nebraska Rejects Medicaid Expansion

The Nebraska Unicameral voted down the Medicaid Expansion. The state legislature rejected an expansion bill for the second year in a row. The bill was defeated in a cloture vote 27-21, 33 were needed to advance. This bill was special because it included compromises meant to attract the votes of the typical Nebraska conservative. The bill included programs recently approved for use in Iowa and Arkansas. For more info:

Nebraska Rejects Minimum Wage Increase

That same one house legislative body voted down a Minimum Wage increase to $9.00.  Seattle approved a $15 minimum wage, Omaha and the rest of Nebraska are stuck at $7.25, less than half of Seattle’s $15 per hour. How’s that for perspective? Nebraska would do well with some perspective outside its little RedState bubble. For more info:

Nebraska, 3rd Worst TaxPayer state

According to WalletHub, Nebraska is the third worst taxpayer state. From the information on the chart below, the average Nebraskan pays $9,450 annually in just state and local taxes. That is the THIRD highest figure on the chart.  Now, where does all that money go?  To fund the broken promises of Nebraska richest CEOs and richest corporations? I can see why California and New York is so high, they have well developed programs for their residents.  Nebraska does not. Want to live in a BLUEr state, close by, with lower taxes?  Hint: its not Iowa, its not Minnesota. It is called Colorado at #10 best for taxes, and with the advent of marijuana legalization there, taxes could get a little lower.

Republican Mess Called Nebraska!

Nebraska, Third worst taxpayer state.

Nebraska, 2nd Highest Rich-Poor Gap in the Nation

A recent study by AFL-CIO shows Nebraska to be the state with the second biggest rich-poor gap. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, “CEO of a publicly traded company based in Nebraska made an average of $6,342,786, 170 times more than the $37,204 average paid to the Nebraska worker. When compared to the earnings of minimum wage workers who make $7.25 per hour in Nebraska, the gap between CEO and worker pay jumps up to a 421:1 ratio, the data showed.”  That’s ridiculous, especially when you consider Nebraska also turned down a minimum wage increase. For more info:

Nebraska Kills Equality Legislation

Civil rights legislation filibustered or held up in committee. This session there were 3 bills introduced that would have affected Nebraska’s LGBT community. The most publicized was LB485, the workplace nondiscrimination bill.  A cloture vote did not attain enough votes to stop a filibuster, and it died.  The Second parent adoption didn’t even get out of committee, which of course, the Coalition didn’t exactly help either. For more info:

Omaha and Nebraska ranked as the most dangerous places for African-Americans

Omaha and Nebraska have been recently ranked as the most dangerous places our nation’s African-American community. From, “According to the Violence Policy Center, a Washington, D.C.-based research and advocacy center, it’s Omaha, Nebraska. Thirty black people were murdered in Nebraska in 2011 (the latest year for which data is available), 27 of them in Omaha. That means the state had a black homicide rate of 34.4 per 100,000 people, or twice the national average.” See more info:

Omaha rated low in Public Transportation.

Omaha is actually a major regional transportation hub, but respect for that distinction is low when you have to suffer on Omaha’s Public Bus System. Visitors to Omaha should plan ahead for getting around Omaha. Don’t expect to get too far at night, and don’t expect to get too far West. See Reviews:

As you can see, Nebraska rejects all kinds of ways of moving forward.  Good Sense is an endangered species on the Plains. Checkout the FaceBook Page: Nebraska: Not Open For Business.



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  2. Actually, Iowa is one of the most progressive states in the midwest. Iowa was one of the first states to outlaw slavery. Iowa desegregated public schools 100 years before the rest of the country. Iowa was one of the first states to ban discrimination based on race or color. Iowa was one of the first states to ban discrimination on the basis of both gender identity and sexual orientation. Iowa was the third state in the country to offer equal marriage rights to LGBTQ couples. Iowa was one of the first states to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers to $4 an hour. Iowa voted for the first African American president in 2008 and 2012. Iowa is third in the nation in wind energy and gets 25% of the power from wind. Iowa has some of the best public education and universities in the nation. Iowa was one of the first states to pass strong anti-bullying and anti-harassment laws in the nation that includes 17 enumerated categories. Iowa also has some of the more LGBTIQA inclusive public universities in the nation. Iowa is home to the University of Iowa which was the first in the nation to include fully inclusive dorm housing for LGBTIQA students by providing a level of their dorm specifically for LGBTQIA and allied students. Therefore, Iowa is the state to move to. Please be sure to have all of your facts correct. Thank you! 🙂


    • A person can move out of Nebraska and still do better than Iowa.


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