Contact Your Congressman!

OMAHA, NE – It is important that voters maintain a connection to their representatives in the US Congress.  It doesn’t matter what their party affiliation is.  Letting your Congressman know what you think on the important issues is an important part of ensuring our Democracy works.  To help facilitate anyone contacting their Congressman is the information for the 113th Congressman from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.  More regional states will be added as I get familiar with the Representatives from the neighboring states. I just posted their Congress webpage and DC phone for the moment, I may additional contact info at a later date.

US House of Representatives

1st Congressonal District – Jeff Fortenberry (R)   Phone: 202-225-4806      Website:
2nd Congressional DistrictLee Terry (R)              Phone: 202-225-4155      Website:
3rd Congressional District – Adrian Smith (R)       Phone: 202-225-6435      Website:

1st Congressional District – Bruce Braley (D)         Phone: 202-225-2911      Website:
2nd Congressional District – David Loebsack (D) Phone: 202-225-6576     Website:
3rd Congressional District – Tom Latham (R)        Phone: 202-225-5476     Website:
4th Congressional District – Steve King (R)             Phone: 202-225-4426     Website:

South Dakota
At Large District – Kristi Noem (R)                             Phone: 202-225-2801     Website:

US Senate

Mike Johanns (R)         Phone: 202-224-4224       Website:
Deb Fischer (R)             Phone: 202-224-6551        Website:

Tom Harkin (D)             Phone: 202-224-3254       Website:
Chuck Grassley (R)      Phone: 202-224-3744       Website:

South Dakota
Tim Johnson (D)          Phone: 202-224-5842       Website:
John Thune (R)            Phone: 202-224-2321        Website:


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