Posted by: Ken Riter | November 26, 2012

The Best Is Yet To Come, America!!!

OMAHA, NE – President Barack Obama’s re-election is every much the win for Obama as it is for the Obama Coalition!  As we wait for the results to be certified with the Electoral College vote, Progressives around the US anxiously await what a 2nd term Obama administration will bring.

One of the most talked about issues after the election is the so-called Fiscal Cliff.  Obama and top Congressional leaders could produce legislation that takes a serious chunk out of the growing $16 trillion pile of US debt and put it on a true downward trajectory. According to the Huffington Post, Obama and lame-duck Congressional leaders could be just weeks away from a deal to avert the dreaded “Fiscal Cliff”.  On the other hand, the loss of pragmatic and centrist members of Congress from both sides of the aisle could make cutting deals even harder.   A growing number liberals are not worried seeing the Defense budget get slashed or taxes go up on all Americans if their priorities are not met.  A record number of seats held by women is comforting to others who see them is harbingers of civility and deal making.  Keep you crossed, closely tied to the Fiscal Cliff fiasco are the economy and job creation, the two biggest priorities.

Among the LGBT Community, adopting ENDA and repealing DOMA are major issues.  Passage of the these bills is a priority and even overpaid organizations like HRC were convinced this would be taken care of in Obama’s first term.  I’d like to see some of these LGBT equality organizations just get it done instead of turning it into a constant dangling carrot for pink and lavender dollars..  While there are several cases in the courts dealing with DOMA, repealing the bigoted law is also still a priority. The GOP still controls the House and it is still not known if enough GOP House members would switch their support to pass a repeal of DOMA.

Ending the War in Afghanistan and keeping the US out of more wars is another priority. Obama affirmed his plans to end the war after his re-election in a speech in Chicago.  The war has endured for 11 years, making it the longest war in US history. Even John McCain is wondering if the war is still worth fighting. With trouble in the Middle East and tension with Iran rising,  it is possible US troops will be sent elsewhere.

Maybe the best that is yet to come  is seeing Barack Obama’s political tap dancing.


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