Posted by: Ken Riter | October 31, 2012

John Ewing Makes Gains in Congressional Race.

OMAHA, NE – John Ewing, current Douglas County Treasurer and NAACP Living Legend Award recipient is running a very strong race against incumbent and do nothing Republican, Lee Terry. John Ewing received a well deserved endorsement from the Omaha World  Herald after Lee Terry bungled and over exaggerated his accomplishments in Congress.  Someone of us have always known Lee Terry has done nothing in DC, and the OWH has had this information for years, despite the fact the endorsed him consistently before the 2012 election cycle. Its about time the OWH used this information properly and fairly.

National Democrats are riding in to help Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing after The World-Herald Poll showed  him making huge gains against incumbent Republican Lee Terry in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.  The House Majority PAC is helping out with some ads in support of John Ewing. It is about time some organizations stepped in to help out!

About a couple months ago, Ewing released his plan for Medicare.  He disagrees with Lee Terry into turning it into a voucher program. Ewing plan for Medicare would allow the Health & Human Services Secretary to negotiate drug prices for Medicare Part D.  This could save at least $24 billion annually, using the same negotiation techniques that the Veterans’ Administration uses for its prescription drug program.  This has the potential to save the Medicare Part D up to 50% of its current costs. Ewing also supports efforts to cut fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system as well. Click here to see more about John Ewing’s plan for Medicare.  Ewing also supports cutting the budget deficit, including making the rich pay more and restructuring the tax code.

John Ewing also has the “Have Obama’s Back” endorsement, demonstrating that he will support Obama’s policies if elected to Congress, thus breaking the gridlock resulting in a Do-Nothing Congress.  Ewing also supports LGBT issues and received and endorsement from a local group called Forward Equality.  The Washington Times has a great bio for John Ewing online. In his Washington Times profile, Ewing says, “I’m running for Congress because for too long Washington and Lee Terry have ignored Nebraska taxpayers and the middle class.  We need to cut wasteful spending and significantly reduce our national debt, but Congressman Terry has chosen instead to protect the special interests.”      I agree, I think its time to get Lee Terry out of office, don’t you?


  1. Nothing about Forward Equality supporting John Ewing thats funny aren’t you a Board Member for the organization.


    • I think you got that covered with your blog post.


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