Posted by: Ken Riter | October 20, 2012

Occupy Omaha Discriminates!

This is an article  by a friend. It is just one of many articles about some of the trouble we have encountered with some people in the group.

Mika Covington

Guess what guys!!??

Occupy Omaha has banned me from commenting or posting on their facebook page!! Why you ask?? Because I posted on their page bitchy about this creepy asshole guy named Steve who used their facebook page to bitch about me and thought that I would not notice.

Get this! I have not been to any Occupy Omaha meetings or events in quite a while because I politically disagree with them now. They have changed completely from when Occupy Omaha started. Most of the members left a while ago and there were only a small group of them that stayed to try to grow the group. But instead they kept taking the group in directions that most people do not agree with.

In addition this Steve guy attacked my friend Ken and Ken has been a member of Occupy Omaha longer than me and at the time hes still…

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  1. Ok! You should blog more about Occupy Omaha and especially their Anti-Obama “Protest”!!


  2. You guys do know Occupy is was will always be community property. You could have at anytime just left and started a new faction. I am trying to make my own now. Want to join?


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