Posted by: Ken Riter | October 15, 2012

Local Conservatives Run Ignorant Campaigns, Part Three.

OMAHA, NE – Remember when people were saying “There’s something FISHY about that Deb Fischer?”  Well, now we know why!  Deb Fischer and her husband used the courts for an attempted land grab of a neighbors property. Is this what Nebraskans really want to send to DC?  Is this what the Nebraska Way is all about?  To just take away the hard earned money of your neighbors?  The Fischers cost their elderly neighbors $40,00 in court fees.It seems more and more to me that those who claim the government is in everyone’s business, only say that because they want the government out of the way in their pursuit of something. In this case, it seems Deb Fischer pursued a seat in the Unicameral to ensure she could get ahead of Nebraska’s land laws. This website, The Great Fischer Land Grab, has excellent details on how the Fischers attempted to grab land from their elderly neighbors.

Then there is Lee Terry, still tripping over his own lies about Ewing and exaggerations about his own do-nothing career. Lee Terry accepted blame for accepting incorrect information for at least one of his ads.  Lee Terry had sponsored a bill, Hill-Terry, that Terry claimed advanced American energy independence. Oops, it turns out it was eclipsed by the real legislative work of other Congressmen.  LOL  So, not only does Lee Terry not do anything in Congress, he doesn’t fact check his own accomplishments, either.  That explains much, including the $10 Trillion in debt he helped contribute to.


  1. […] in the past week or two and they having some negative impacts on his campaign.  Earlier this week Terry admitted to not fact checking his fact checkers.  A ridiculous excuse since its his campaign to begin […]


  2. […] we have seen yet, and that doesn’t bode well for LGBT, women or other progressive issues. Deb Fischer also doesn’t have a reputation for being nice.  We will see just how bipartisan she really is or […]


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