Posted by: Ken Riter | October 16, 2012

Are Local Churches Being Hypocritical?

OMAHA, NE – With the recent push of Omaha area anti-LGBT Churches against LGBT protections, do these churches and their people really have a place to judge members of Omaha’s LGBT Community? I think not. Let’s look at the Catholic Church. Have they completely cleaned up the whole priests molesting children fiasco?  No they have not. Yet they continue to stand against LGBT rights and protections initiatives.  I have yet to see where in the Bible it says homosexuality deserves to be set aside and punished above all other sins.  Pedophiles in the Church get the Churches protection,  LGBT people with jobs and families, get the boot and the pink slip.

During the last round of  LGBT issues in Omaha, Jean Stothert explicitly asked if the workplace protections ordinance would interfere with the ArchDiocese access to Keno money. Its very apparent they are receiving the money.  Its basically gambling money and very hypocritical, I think, for the Church to be taking, but then singling out LGBT people for discrimination laws.

The Protestant Churches who hate gays are also just the same, as are their religious organization counterparts like Boy Scouts of America keeping files of gays and child molesters, but of course, failing to keep child molesters away from the boys, but definitely keeping gays away from their jobs.

In fact, information shows that because of all the gay bashing by these churches is why America is losing its religion.  Which is ironic, because I think many of these churches act out against a group to blame for their problems in an attempt to save their denominations numbers.  We are getting the same knee-jerk reaction from Tea Partiers fighting the inevitable truth that whites will only be a plurality in America and not the majority rule.



Hypocritical Catholic Bishops.

The Church protected child molesters within its ranks. But it actively pushes for laws that allow LGBT people to be punished for who they are.

How many people offended by this pic looked the other way when the child molestation became front page news?





  1. I say, yes “Christ” Community Church and “Life” gate Church of Omaha and other churches in Omaha and in Lincoln also are being hypocritical and pharisee-like.

    I find it even more funnier and hypocritical that CCC and Lifegate and will promote or enable folks like

    Cindy Jacobs (a woman who has been exposed to be a false prophet cause of her false predictions)

    and Rick Joyner (a man who has been exposed to be a false prophet cause of his false predictions and “prophecies”)

    and Kim Clement (a man who has been exposed to be a false prophet cause of his false predictions and “prophecies”)

    and Mike Bickle (a KC area cult leader as many call him on both sides politically and is also a man who has been exposed to be a false prophet cause of his false predictions and “prophecies”)

    but yet they feel it is okay to bash and speak out on how “evil” gay people are.

    you are right, Ken. It is Hypocrisy. and Omaha and Lincoln area “churches” should be called out on it and other things they have done that is wrong.

    Many Omaha and Lincoln “churches feel it is okay to promote and or enable tv preachers like Creflo Dollar who only care about getting money from (aka the prosperity gospel pimps)

    and Many Omaha and Lincoln “churches” feel it is okay to enable folks like Cindy Jacobs or Mike Bickle or Kim Clement or Mark Batterson

    but yet the gay people (I am straight for the record if anyone wanted to know) are allowed to be criticized and persecuted by so called “churches” that claim they follow JESUS (whom wouldnt be welcome in many omaha or lincoln “churches” nowadays)


  2. btw, speaking of CCC and “Pastor” Mark Ashton

    found out this:

    Christ Community Church of Omaha will be having Sunday evening prayer meetings: Oct. 21st; Nov. 4th. These prayer meetings will start at 6 PM in the chapel.

    On Oct. 28th Pastor Mark Ashton at 6 pm the church will do a Q & A about the Sexual Orientation Ordinance petition drive that churches are collecting signatures for that it may get it on the April 2013 ballot.

    I say if CCC plans to be involved in politics, I say they lose their tax exempt status and start paying taxes.

    Felt like mentioning it, cause maybe some folks should go to the church on October 28th and voice their opinions on what Ashton and the far-right domionist supporting religious extremists are doing


    • Thanks for all the info you provide, I may put it all together in one post. 😀


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  4. speaking of goofy churches, anyone seen this?

    it is a so called “christian” “revival” in omaha

    and surprise (not) ,

    it is sponsored by the Storehouse Movement (aka a group Al Riskowski of the Nebraska Family Council) is associated with

    and is being peddled by Lifegate Church of Omaha (aka the church councilman Franklin Thompson on the city council is part of)

    which btw Lifegate is part of the laughable and dubious Nebraska Heritage Coalition.

    I think people should keep tabs on these guys cause some weird stuff is being said

    that and these guys have influential people in omaha in their pocket and a agenda for all of Omaha


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