Posted by: Ken Riter | January 13, 2013

Senator Deb Fischer’s Bipartisan Campaign? Really?

OMAHA, NE – According to a recent interview by the OWH, apparently Deb Fischer (R-NE) is a bipartisan freak and no longer a Tea Partying, petition signing nut! Its kumbaya with all her fellow female Senators!  *eye roll please*  I say once a Tea Party nut, always a Tea Party nut.  I don’t remember Deb Fischer running a bipartisan campaign in her run against Bob Kerrey. As I remember he was the one promising to reach across party lines, just like he once did as a US Senator.  She pledged to stick to rigid ideologies she endorsed by signing petitions for conservative zero, Grover Norquist.

In case you’re wondering where I get “Deb Fischer’s Bipartisan campaign, the culprit is an OWH article, here is the link. Deb Fischer tells the OWH, “she hopes that the bipartisan collaboration of the female senators will help make Congress more capable of addressing the nation’s pressing challenges than in recent years.”  Kumbaya folks!   I’m not too excited about her being the first female elected to a full term from Nebraska, she could be the most conservative in the Senate we have seen yet, and that doesn’t bode well for LGBT, women or other progressive issues. Deb Fischer also doesn’t have a reputation for being nice.  We will see just how bipartisan she really is or isn’t.

For your information, Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is a strong supporter of LGBT protections, and she is also Deb Fischer’s (R-NE) mentor in the US Senate. (Al Franken D-MN even asked to be her mentor!)  Let’s hope some of that rubs off onto our Senator, Queer Nebraska!


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