Posted by: Ken Riter | October 10, 2012

Anti-LGBT Petition in Full Swing!

OMAHA, NE – The once looming anti-LGBT Petition drive is now officially in active pursuit of signatures. According to the OWH, the petitions to overturn Omaha’s recently enacted LGBT workplace protections ordinance are now being distributed.

Executive Director of the Omaha Liberty Project, Patrick Bonnett, told the OWH, “We’re confident we’ll get the signatures fairly rapidly. ”  Patrick wrote this letter to the churches participating, see it here.  The petitioners need 11,400 signatures, less than half what was needed to initiate a recall against Mayor Jim Suttle.

Regardless, the effort to remove protections to one group of people, the same protections granted to all Americans, seems pointless. Especially coming from a group calling themselves the Omaha Liberty Project, run by people constantly screaming about their rights to force religion down everyone else’s throats. On top of that, Christians go to church because they are sinners. Churches used to help the hungry and the homeless, now they fight to rob you of your birthrights.   I’d like to say there is already so much sin within the church community itself, where do they get off telling others who aren’t in their own community, that they can’t be protected from harassment, discrimination or persecution because we Queers are sinning? We will have to wait until the second coming to even hear the excuse why homosexuality is the sin above all others that deserves all the hatred, discrimination and even death.  Nevermind, that 501c3 organizations aren’t supposed to play major parts in politics.

Here’s an example from the Nebraska Heritage Coalition. And look this thingy when you click on Omaha Liberty Project.

I’d like to plan a few rallies and call-ins to make sure that potential petition signers know that their information will become public information under Nebraska law if they sign. In the meantime, perhaps it time to discuss making these so called religious organizations pay their fair share?

Tax the Churches!

Its about time religions pay their fair share!



  1. The people on this list have already expressed support for the petition and asked all church members to sign:
    The guys who actually voted to ask the church to petition are on this list:

    Also, there is a “town hall meeting” at the church to talk about the ordinance and why CCC should petition to have it removed. The meeting is this Sunday Oct. 14 @ 6pm, unless the church cancels.


  2. tax the churches that get involved in politics. whether it be the Storehouse Movement or Lifegate Church of Omaha (where Omaha city councilman Franklin Thompson is a member at)

    or Christ Community Church of Omaha to use a few examples of churches that have gotten into politics. I feel it’s time these pro-domionist polticial active churches start paying their taxes.

    Churches used to help the hungry and the homeless, now they bash people and promote self-professed “prophets” like Rick Joyner and Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle and Mike Bickle to name a few folks the churches are gullible enough to promote.

    It’s time for the churches to lose their tax exempt status.


  3. I agree, Oracle. I am sick of them dictating what goes on in this country. I’m sick of them forcing their brand of religion down everyone’s throats. They deserve to pay their fair share. Churches used to help the hungry and the homeless. I guess those people will be cold and hungry so these Christians can take away the rights of a group of people.


  4. to anonymous, I am not surprised Christ Community of Omaha is involved.

    that church is heavily into right-wing politics and a creepy devotion to Bill Hybels of the Willow Creek Association.

    Christ Community Church and Lifegate Church of Omaha for sure should be forced to pay taxes and for sure they deserve to pay their fair share of taxes. All those 2 churches seem to do is push a political agenda and not JESUS or his teachings.

    Churches like Christ Community Church of Omaha where Mark Ashton and Tim Perry are leaders

    and Lifegate Church of Omaha where Les Beauchamp is the pastor

    used to about help the hungry and the homeless. Now it’s nothing but promoting 7 mountains Domionism and Far-Right Politics.

    side note: if these 2 churches are so into politics and pimping 7 mountains domionism and not seem to care about the hurting, hungry or homeless,

    I would question if any of the leaders of either churches are really christians.


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