Posted by: Ken Riter | October 11, 2012

Local Conservatives Run Ignorant Campaigns, Part Two.

OMAHA , NE – Now we have Do Nothing Lee Terry, in my second installment of Local Conservatives Run Ignorant Campaigns.  Do Nothing Lee Terry, hasn’t done much more than name a post office while in office. There is also the number of votes he made that supported policies that added $10 trillion to our nation’s debt, but who’s counting?  Not Omaha or Sarpy County voters apparently. American voters apparently have short term memories. Lee Terry has complained about Obama doing nothing in office.  The truth is Lee Terry has been in office longer than Barack Obama and has contributed $10 Trillion of the debt.  Lee Terry has voted for such things as Medicare part D, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the costly Bush Tax cuts. All without legislation to help pay for them. Then there is this even more annoying enigma, the Obama-Terry voter. YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!! For god sakes, quit voting for Lee Terry just because your son walked by his son in the school cafeteria! Act like an adult when you vote!!!  LOL No wonder Washington, DC, is so messed up!

The other day Lee Terry was called out for lying about what John Ewing has done as Douglas County Treasurer.  I’m not surprised about Lee Terry putting out wrong information. It is only natural as a Republican that he would fall in line with the top of the GOP ticket, Mitt Romney. The Real Romney told 27 lies in the 1st Debate.  Lee Terry has consistently denied he voted for a Medicare part D Plan that was completely unpaid for. Why do we keep voting this guy in?  VOTE Lee Terry OUT for change!!!


  1. […] up to this point in time.  Especially since it was finally put out into the open after another Lee Terry mess up, falsely accusing  John  Ewing of overspending as Douglas County […]


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