Posted by: Ken Riter | October 9, 2012

Anti-LGBT Petitioners To Use Churches and Their Facilities.

OMAHA, NE – Anti-LGBT petitioners will be depending greatly on local churches to do their evil anti-LGBT dirty work. Surprised? This is the text from the letter sent to an unknown number of churches. I suspect its the same churches behind Nebraska Heritage Coalition.

Here is the Letter:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued support and for your patience as we continue to organize our Petition Circulator teams. In an effort to keep you all in the loop, we wanted to give you a brief update on recent activities:

Status of the Petition:

We have submitted our final version of the Petition to be reviewed and approved by the Omaha City Council Clerk, Buster Brown. Mr. Brown along with Counsel from the Omaha City Law Department is giving our Petition that final review and we expect to hear back from them tomorrow, October 2, with any formatting changes. Some additional jurisdictional issues are also being worked out between the Douglas County Election Commissioner and the City of Omaha and we hope to have Petitions available for distribution at the end of the week. You may soon hear that we will need 11,419 valid signatures; although true, our goal is much higher and we will need everyone’s focused efforts to ensure success.

Church Liaisons:

If you have not already done so, please designate a point of contact for your church or organization and notify me at the address below so that our Church Liaison Coordinators may coordinate circulator activities. All Church Liaisons are asked to recruit Circulator Team Members, Notary Publics and other Volunteers.

Petition Circulator Training:

A big thanks to everyone who may have participated in our Circulator Training sessions so far! These sessions have been a valuable exercise to help volunteers know what to expect as they go forth to circulate the petitions. We will continue to hold brief training sessions throughout the month of October during the actual Petition Drive every Tuesday and Thursday evening at our Activity Center located at 1065 North 115th Ct., Ste. 120, Omaha, NE 68154. This week we will host two additional training meetings at Covenant Presbyterian to help kick-off the Petition Drive. If you have not already done so, please plan to attend one of these very important sessions.

Please attend one of the Petition Circulator Training Classes below on

Thursday, October 4 5:30 PM or 7:00 PM at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 15002 Blondo Street Omaha, NE 68116 (150th & Blondo Streets – north side) Petitions are available and will be distributed there.

Sunday: October 7th – Supportive Pastors will Preach from the Pulpit on Moral Sexual Behavior, Freedom of Religious Speech, and related issues. Our teams will gather Petition Signatures before and after Services.

Voter Registration:

Congratulations to all for a super job well done!!! Our September Voter Registration Drive was a massive success. Registrations for Douglas County are peaked and we are setting a record for the number of Early Ballot Application Request Forms returned to the Election Commissioner’s office. Today, over 33,000 early ballots were mailed out. Please continue to have Voter Registration forms available during the Petition Drive. We will distribute Early Ballot Application Forms for the City Spring Primary and General Elections throughout the month of October.

Media & Messaging:

Please refrain from speaking on behalf of the Nebraska Heritage Coalition or the Omaha Liberty Project. Our official spokesperson, Dr. Jim Eckman will make all authorized statements to members of the Media. You however, are of course free to speak for yourselves, your churches or other organizations you may be so tasked to represent. We will be featured in many Public Service Announcements throughout the month of October. Our sole aim at this point in time is to simply give the people of Omaha the opportunity to vote on this very important issue.

“Let the People Vote!”

God bless you all.

Best Regards,

Patrick G. Bonnett

Executive Director

Nebraska Heritage Coalition

%Omaha Liberty Project

PO Box 451011, Omaha, NE 68145


Activity Center Office

Address: 1065 North 115th Ct, Ste.120,

Omaha, NE 68154

To make a tax deductible donation, please click here.

Here is the link to the actual PDF of the letter if the text above isn’t enough.




  1. I find it interesting that this guy directed local churches what to preach on. In theory, pastors should look to God for direction, not the tea party. At least one followed, mine.. 😦 The obvious hate behind this accidentally turned me into a political activist against my own church, as long as it backs this. Not all Christians are like this guy. Here is a meme to enjoy while you wait for the next status update.


  2. I’m loving the pic. I may include that in a post later. 😀 I’d like to hear why homosexuality is the sin that deserves to be singled out.I guess the secong coming will happen before that explanation ever does.


  3. I was going to include more i this post, I’ll either add an update to the article itself or write a new article to supplement later today hopefully.


  4. Christians are insecure, just like anyone else…homosexuals are the current “other” we can focus on to feel righteous. Soon though, gay marriage will be legal, and eventually we will move on to the next minority. I expect that when I’m older, the bigotry will kick in and I’ll be tempted to hate the next group of sinners. I hope that doesn’t happen though.


    • What could the next group be? Muslims? Smokers? “Fat, Short and Ugly” people? I think Physical Attributes are next in line for protections as a class. Business, research proves do hire and promote better looking and taller people. I think that is wrong, too.


  5. […] “We’re confident we’ll get the signatures fairly rapidly. “  Patrick wrote this letter to the churches participating, see it here.  The petitioners need 11,400 signatures, less than half what was […]


  6. i think any church in Omaha or Lincoln or anywhere else that gets involved in this project of Patrick’s should be boycotted and or lose their tax exempt status.

    I am fed up with churches getting involved in politics and yet dont want to pay taxes. they cant have it both ways naymore.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Lifegate Church of Omaha (where Omaha city councilman Franklin Thompson is a member is at) is involved in this.

    Les Beauchamp and his staff also dont have a backbone to stand up to the Domionist peddlers like Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle and Cindy Jacobs and Bill Johnson who want to push christian sharia (aka domionism) on everyone.

    but when it comes to Equality for all, Les is very vocal and against equality for all.

    Les isnt a Pastor, he is a domionist and a hypocrite who obviously dont follow the JESUS he claims to believe in.


  7. btw, Covenant Presbyterian Church of Omaha Nebraska it says is involved also.

    guess they have no problem bahing gays and others.

    I say it time for these political churches to be taxed. many of the big churches in Omaha would help keep the city out of debt for decades (with plenty of surplus) if they were taxed (like they should be)


  8. Thanks for all the info and support, Oracle! 😀


  9. btw: ken.

    metor prayer digest (which has connections to various churches and the nebraska family association and the storehouse movement

    sent this out this week in a email. someone I know who gets their weekly prayer letter forwarded it to me

    and I felt like mentioning to you and others cause it seems these guys are desperate to overturn this ordinance.


    Omaha Metro Prayer for October 12, 2012

    The Omaha City Council, by a 4-3 vote, approved an ordinance extending special “protections” to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons, which Mayor Jim Suttle then signed into law and which went into effect March 28, 2012.

    The amendment to Omaha’s equal employment opportunity ordinance prohibits employers, employment agencies, job training programs, labor groups, public accommodations and businesses that contract with the City from discriminating against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    A large group of local religious leaders, business people and lay leaders have come together to form the Omaha Liberty Project to “Let the People Vote” on this ordinance.

    During the month of October, petitions will be circulated in the churches which will allow this issue to be placed on the Spring Election ballot so the people of Omaha can vote on this matter.

    Please pray for this effort that enough signatures will be gathered to change this ordinance!


    • Thanks, that’s has definitely been circulating the churches lately. I notice how there is no mention whatsoever that their signatures will be public information. Shame on them for not telling their congregation. Politics over People, that is the religious zealot.


      • I think every pastor and church leader who is involved in this should be exposed.

        these churches worship Political Domionism that Rick Joyner and Bryan Fischer is peddling, not JESUS. Many pastors in Omaha wouldnt know JESUS if he entered their church and showed proof he was JESUS.

        in fact JESUS wouldnt be likely welcome at Christ Community or Lifegate or many other churches in Omaha if he showed up on a sunday morning.

        I believe if Lifegate and Christ Community Church is going to be involved in political activism, they should lose their tax exmpt status

        and Franklin Thompson (a city councilman and member of Lifegate Church of Omaha) must be thrown out in 2013 from the city council.

        Franklin I dont believe can be a city councilman if he will be involved in such a radical willow creek association church like Lifegate

        Franklin’s connection to Lifegate and this I believe needs to be given more public attention.


    • Be sure to spread this link around It is the Nebraska Statute that makes petition signatures available for public inspection.


  10. Facts always prevail over ignorance, rights should be given to all. Stop hiding behind the religion card. Last, anyone ever check the list of items the city council has been afforded the right to vote on, and put in place. Get a clue Omaha, it’s a conservitive power hungry group that wants to throw it’s weight and money around. Oh well. Iowa looks better and better every day. Take down Nebraska the good life, and replace with, “White, Repubilcan bigget state, enter at your own risk, leave if you don’t fit the profile.:


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