Posted by: Ken Riter | October 8, 2012

Local Conservatives Run Ignorant Campaigns, Part One.

OMAHA, NE – From the Congressional races to the Omaha’s Mayoral race, conservatives run a campaign based on ignorance counting on the ignorant for votes.  Jean Stothert has been running a campaign full of huge lies, ranging from Mayoral vs City Council spending, Fire Union Contracts and now Wheatfields and their bitching about what they call the Mayor’s tax. What is really upsetting is this business isn’t even paying the tax, they charge their customers.  Wheatfields has endorsed Jean Stothert for Mayor, supporting her over Suttle over a tax they don’t even pay. Here is an excerpt from their letter Stothert’s campaign sent out to supporters:

“For over 12 years, we have been serving you and your family at Wheatfields.  In fact, serving customers here in Omaha has been our life, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
But lately, running a business is harder than ever.  Unfortunately, our government, and many of our elected leaders, have become a big part of the problem, heaping on new and higher taxes with ever-expanding regulation.
That’s why, when Mayor Suttle proposed a new tax levied only on restaurant customers, we took a stand.  Ever since that new tax passed, every receipt at Wheatfields clearly displays the “Mayor’s Tax.”  We believe customers have a right to clearly see just one of the many burdens that big-spending politicians place on all of us.
Today, we’re taking another stand.  This time, for a leader we know will put us on a better path.  Today, we’re endorsing Jean Stothert for Mayor.
And to show how much we believe in Jean, we’ve decided to show our support in a unique way – from now until the city elections, we will be serving Wheatfields’ signature coffee in these “Jean Stothert for Mayor” mugs.
Jean knows a vibrant economy comes from hard-working citizens and successful businesses, not more government spending.  That’s why we hope you will join with us in supporting Jean.”
And there you have it, more complete BS supporting Stothert’s campaign.  How can a business even complain about a tax they don’t even pay.  They charge EVERY single customer that comes through that so called Mayor’s Tax!  Hypocrits!! Jean Stothert is running her campaign like she spearheaded movement on the Council, an emerging disaster.  Moody’s has lowered the city’s general obligation bond rating from Aaa to Aa1 due to Omaha’s “persistent under-funding of its pension obligations.” Mayor Suttle negotiated a Fire Contract that would have solved the city’s pension issues, but Jean Stothert and other members of the City Council skewered the Fire Contract and the Mayor’s negotiation power the moment they had the chance. The City Council is now responsible for all Union negotiations, and Jean Stothert chair the committee that oversees those negotiations, as well as hiring an outside negotiator.  Heaven forbid that any Council members do the job themselves, like the Mayor did.
Jean Stothert has said that she wants to bring Omaha back together, which is ironic, because she is the most divisive politician in City Hall since Hal Daub.  Remember Jean Stothert initial campaign announcement? Here’s a pic of her misspelled name from that very announcement! LOL Talk about an emerging disaster.

Jean Stothert's Campaign Misspells Her Name. LOL

Jean Stothert’s Campaign Misspells Her Name. LOL


  1. Good luck in your fight for equality in Omaha.I sent an email to your yahoo email, because your site shows up first when searching on this issue.


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