Posted by: Ken Riter | September 18, 2012

In Nebraska, Petition Signatures are Public Record!

OMAHA, NE – Attention all bigots who intend to sign the Anti-LGBT Petition! Remember the Suttle Recall? All those names that signed in support of recalling Suttle got their asses published on the internet for all to see! LOL I can’t wait to see who the real bigots are in Omaha when this latest petition drive is over. Whether or not enough signatures are gathered to force a ballot vote doesn’t matter, those signature will be public information!!!   Let’s see those Anti-LGBT Petition signers get posted on the internet.  AND YES! IT IS LEGAL!! ITS CALLED TRANSPARENCY IN POLITICS FOOLS!! LMAO!!   UPDATE: And here is the link to the Nebraska Statute that says so!

Its interesting how so many people maybe quick to jump on the bandwagon of a popular petition idea, but are completely ignorant of what the process entails.  For your information, when you sign a petition in Nebraska your signature and the information you provided is now public record! Remind your bigoted friends and family members that petition signatures are public under Nebraska Law.  Don’t believe me?   Then look at this gem of an article by the Omaha World Herald explaining why they published the names of Suttle Recall Petition Signers.  So if you hear anyone bragging about how they want to sign this petition, this is a great talking point! Tell them, “Your bigoted ass and personal info is gonna be published on the internet!” And if they don’t believe you. Remind them about the Suttle Recall Petitioners.

To all Homophobic Bigots.

Homophobia: The fear that gay men are going to treat you the way you treat women and that a lesbian will treat your woman better than you do!

I’m very angry about the petition situation, and I am sure others are too!  But it is NOT a hopeless situation. We can beat the petition, by informing people that this petition drive wants to take the protections away from one group of people. Who will they go after next?  Remind potential petition signers that their info will be public record in Nebraska. and anyone will have access to that info.  Once again, by Nebraska law, access to that petition information is a RIGHT!!   And to stay ahead of ALL political ball games by REGISTERING TO VOTE, and getting our friends and family to register as well. It doesn’t matter if you register Democrat, Republican, Independent or Green Party,  just get registered and you will be ready to VOTE against this thing if it makes it to the city ballot in the spring!

P.S. Has anyone heard from that exclusive, all-white male circle jerk known as Equal Omaha or Equal Nebraska? Perhaps they should consider being as inclusive as they expect others to be.


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  2. wow the signers of the petition are going on public record?!
    so WHAT?


    • Is that a problem Dan Parker? The fact is, some petition signers are not well informed enough to know their information becomes public once that petition is certified. This was evident when the names of those who signed the Suttle Recall petition were published online by the World-Herald.


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