Posted by: Ken Riter | September 17, 2012

Local Bigoted Activists Begin Anti-LGBT Petition Drive

OMAHA, NE – Local bigoted activists begin anti-LGBT petition drive to ultimately repeal Omaha’s Equal Employment Ordinance. According to the Omaha World-Herald, a Tea Party group with connections to bigoted mayoral candidate Jean Stothert,  is leading the charge against LGBT protections in the workplace. They call themselves the Omaha Liberty Project, probably as some ridiculous marketing ploy, like Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” soundbites.  The actual petition is being reviewed by Omaha’s City Law Department, the first step in the petition process. Once it passes that step, it will go to the Douglas County Election Commission’s office.  Once the petition drive is underway, the group will have 30 days to obtain signatures totaling 15% of the number of voters in the last Mayoral election. The magic number is about 11,500 signatures. As usual this recommended blog is covering this situation very well!

Mean Jean Stothert represents bigotry in Omaha

Mean Jean Stothert, Omaha’s Face of Bigotry and that Bigoted Mayoral Candidate.

One of the key figures in the Anti-LGBT petition drive is Patrick Bonnett, who was also a key figure in the Suttle Recall attempt. Patrick, who is the Executive Director of the Omaha Liberty Project, told the Omaha World Herald “the group would issue a statement once the petition  passes the legal phase”. Patrick has a history of involvement in all kinds of  conservative bullshit, including serving as Executive Director of the Douglas County Republican Party from 2010-2011. He was also involved with a group called Nebraska TaxPayers for Freedom where they floated around ideas for conservatism just like a floater would float around in their toilet.   As mentioned before, he was a key figure in the Suttle Recall. Let’s sit back and enjoy some popcorn while the same group of idiotic, ignorant bigots screw up another petition drive, while periodically getting off your ass to register to vote. Thanks.

Executive Director, Omaha Liberty Project

Some bigot, from some bigoted organization with some connections to a bigoted mayoral candidate.

Another key figure mentioned by OWH is Femi Awodele, who has connections to Jean Stothert in this link. Femi Awodele has said there would be an official public announcement about the petition drive in the coming days. He is just another one of Omaha’s most active religious whores, finding more and more political ways to sell out and force HIS religion down all our throats.  Femi runs a business dedicated to Christian radicalism and even testified at an Omaha hearing for LGBT protections claiming the LGBT does not fit the definition of a legitimate minority. He runs a business called the Christian Couples Fellowship. The website is conveniently keeping information hidden.

Bigot who is in charge of some bigoted organization.

Bigot who is in charge of some bigoted organization with connections to some bigoted mayoral candidate.

I find the whole situation just odd. Normally, you’d hear Tea Partiers bitching about foreigners interfering in our government, but
since this foreigner is an anti-LGBT bigot, he’s good in their eyes.  And some people just can’t recognize the bigotry? It’s obvious they are making LGBT issues a wedge issue for the Mayoral election in an attempt to get Jean Stothert elected Mayor.


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