Posted by: Ken Riter | March 22, 2012

Two Peas in a Hate Pod, Politicians in Retreat.

OMAHA, NE – Like two peas in a hate pod, Council members Franklin Thompson and Jean Stothert both droned on about what they didn’t like about equality for members of the LGBT community.  Thompson went on saying that since blacks didn’t get their rights in 17 months, neither should the transgendered.  Stothert, for her part, whined and finger wagged that no one should tell her how she feels about LGBT legislation.

Jean Stothert commented about Keno, asking if the religious organizations could still receive the gambling money if they were exempt from the Equal Employment ordinance. To find out why she asked, you can look on her Campaign Finance filings and see that Big Red Companies gave her $500 in August of 2011. You will also notice she received $500 from Payroll Maxx, which has the same address as Big Red Companies, same business, same address, different name?  Who knows.

Mean Jean Stothert

Mean Jean Stothert believes Churches should be able to accept dirty money from sinful gambling, while being allowed the right to discriminate against those dirty, sinful gay homosexuals.

Jean Stothert continues her ridiculous onslaught against the LGBT Community claiming that she has received emails from them demanding the new police chief be from the LGBT Community.  Here is as excerpt:

“Nathan: The LGBTQ “Community” isn’t overstepping anything, nor do they support what Jean posted. She supposedly got some random emails from a few people and is portraying it like the entire community is trying to force the OPD into hiring a LGBTQ chief.
2 hours ago · Like

Jean Stothert: Nathan – you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Unless you have access to the City Council’s emails and phone messages (which you do not) you do not have the ability to say what people are saying and what the content of their messages are. Your statement is ridiculous.
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Nathan: So you are in fact claiming that the entire LGBT Community is pushing for the Mayor to select the new chief exclusively from a pool of people from the LGBT community? And you call my statement ridiculous?
about an hour ago · Like”

And there you have. I will be posting more excerpts in the future, it is time to call Jean Stothert out on her hate. I’d like to say, let’s OCCUPY her page!!  She tolerates many disparaging remarks about the LGBT Community on her page, but if she feels you are too aggressive in standing up for yourself, she will simply remove you from her page.  Fair and balanced, she is NOT!!!  Here is a video, finger wagging included.

And let’s not forget about Franklin Thompson, who said blacks didn’t get their right in 17months, implying the LGBT Community shouldn’t either.  Time to call out Franklin Thompson on his ignorance. Here’s a 10 min video from the day of the vote.

Somehow Franklin Thompson thinks only 4 out of 10 LGBT people are born that way.  I don’t understand how a college professor cannot understand the material after 17 months.  I know his students don’t get 17 months to learn the material he gives them. What a shame. I feel sorry for any student that has him.

Franklin Thompson needs to go.

Franklin Thompson needs to go.



  1. Blacks did not get their rights in 17 months. True. And? However what he says about Christians, when they say “hate the sin and love the sinner” cannot mean let LGBT people lose their jobs, is sensible. Though what he has to say about “reparative therapy” has been proved wrong decades ago. Then, when he says, what if a white man says he perceives himself to be black, that was a challenge I gave myself when I was considering transition. I got over it. I do not need to hear that from him.


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