Posted by: Ken Riter | March 22, 2012

Rally to Protect Your Right to Vote!

OMAHA, NE – The Douglas County Election Commission has plans to close down numerous polls Omaha east of 72nd.  To protect our right to vote, Nebraskans for Civic Reform and Nebraska Appleseed are sponsoring a Rally outside the Office of the Douglas County Election Commission. As you may already know, Dave Phipps, a Republican and the Douglas County Election Commissioner, made the decision to close half the polling sites within Douglas County most of which lie east of 72nd Street.

Adam Morfeld, president of Nebraskans for Civic Reform, told the Omaha World Herald,  “the three Omaha state legislative districts with the most minority residents will be among the places with the fewest polling stations. Those are districts where income is lower and voters are more likely to be elderly or without transportation to get to the polls, according to discussion at the meeting.”

If you value your right to vote, please join the rally, Thursday, March 22 at noon for a rally and press conference at the Election Commissioner’s Office and protect your right to vote.  The Rally’s FaceBook Event Page list several organizations as rally sponsors, including Nebraskans for Civic Reform, Nebraska Appleseed, and Black Men United.

Voting is a civil right granted by the Constitution and should be protected, no matter the cost.

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