Posted by: Ken Riter | January 20, 2012

Vote in Progressive Oasis’ NE2 POLL!!!

OMAHA, NE – The Nebraska 2nd District Field is filling up and with 6 candidates so far, its time to tally up some early polls!  Yes it is!!! If you don’t know all the candidates, the links to their campaign websites have been conveniently provided for you.  Please post any questions in the comments section.

Lee Terry – R          
Jack Heidel – R       
Brett Lindstrom – R 
John Ewing – D       
Gwen Howard – D    
Joe Vaughn – I        


  1. […] issues so we can finally get legislation passed like ENDA and the repeal of DOMA.  With at least 7 people running for Congress in Nebraska’s 2nd District, Gwen Howard is the only candidate who even acknowledges the issues of LGBT Nebraskans. On her […]


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