Posted by: Ken Riter | January 18, 2012

Protest against Dominion Covenant Cult Continues January 22nd

OMAHA, NE – The protest against the hate group, Dominion Covenant Cult, and the UNO Alumni Association for housing them will continue this Sunday, January 22nd at 9am til Noon. Please join us and bring any signs that admonish the Dominion Covenant Cult  and their Senior Pastor, Phillip Kayser, for supporting the death penalty for the LGBT community for homosexuality.  Also, we need signs admonishing the UNO Thompson Center and the UNO Alumni Association for housing this hateful group.

Protesters have been gathering every Sunday in January to protest the hate group.  The OPD and UNO campus security have a presence there, allegedly there have been bomb threats made.  Personally, I doubt it.  After the protest Sunday, January 15th, a cop followed one of our protesters from UNO all the way to Crane Coffee near 76th and Cass, so they are keeping an eye out for protesters, unreasonably in my opinion.

If you would like to contact the UNO Alumni Association you can call or send emails to their CEO, Lee Denker, email is phone:  402-554-2851.  The last response I received from Mr Denker is that they were looking into their rental policies. They’ve had two weeks, now.  I’d like to see what their rental policies have to say about it.

The protest event does have a FaceBook event page, you can see it here.  Please join the event and post any discussion you find relevant.


  1. UNO Thompson Center:
    Lee Denker
    President and CEO, UNO Alumni Association
    6705 Dodge Street
    Omaha, NE 68182


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