Posted by: Ken Riter | January 28, 2012

Nebraska GOP Gleefully Chips Away at Our Civil Liberties!

OMAHA, NE – If there is one thing Nebraska’s Big Republican Government loves to do, its to gleefully chip away at your civil liberties! Politically, economically and ignorantly they are doing this. Do you even notice its happening? There are currently no protections for the LGBT in the workplace anywhere in Nebraska. There is legislation (LB912) in the Unicam to make sure we NEVER get employment protections, even if it is just Omaha. How long before they start taking the gay bars away from us? How long before they ban drag and gay pride parades? Did you know under Omaha City Ordinance sexual orientation is listed as a protected class for marching and parades for the moment? Yet, they could not vote yes to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity in employment?  One Omaha City Council Member, Franklin Thompson, even abstained from voting  on the issue of LGBT inclusive protections, yet chastised Omaha’s LGBT Community for not holding Townhall Meetings to discuss LGBT equality beforehand.  But when HRC was in Omaha back in August 2011 and city officials were invited to the HRC events, Ben Gray showed up, Jim Suttle showed up, but no Franklin Thompson.  I guess he was, what?  Abstaining?  Surprised?  Typical hypocritical Republican rhetoric.  Ridiculous.

Recently, two Unicam Senators introduced legislation that once again pushes minorities of all types to the back of the bus.   Pretty faced Charlie Janssen introduced his Voter ID bill, legislation that would clearly keep racial minorities, senior citizens, and youth away from the polls. Luckily, with virtually no support, this bill has been dropped from the agenda, but sadly the real battle for Voter ID has begun online and its growing at a massive pace.

As mentioned earlier, Beau McCoy from western Douglas County, also introduced some rather bigoted legislation as well, LB912, which would make discrimination laws a sole state power, taking away any chance of Omaha or Lincoln to expand current employment protections to sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is no surprise that his district encompasses part of the Republican wards on the Omaha City Council.  Please visit this website, Equal Nebraska, email all the members of the judiciary committee. Tell them to vote NO on LB912, tell them that each city has its own needs and should have the freedom deal with those needs as it sees fit. I find it funny to remark that if no one knew Charlie Janssen or Beau McCoy, these pretty boys could go far in one of our gay bars.  I wonder if this is what motivates them to behave the way they do?  You know they say about those who protest too much!

The fun doesn’t stop there, do-nothing Congressman Lee Terry had his name on the dreaded SOPA and PIPA bills but after a historical online strike has since removed his name from them. How often can Lee Terry jump on and jump off legislation without losing what’s left of his credibility. Lets not let him do this anymore.

Omaha is at a very important stage in its political history, it is becoming more and more progressive each year. As this progresses we see it fighting a harshly conservative state government doing all it can to stunt Omaha’s growth into the cosmopolitan city of diversity it was always meant to be.  Omaha is tilting in the right direction, the LGBT Community can play its part in this change.  We can be the change we can and need to be to see the change we want to see happen!!!


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