Posted by: Ken Riter | January 9, 2012

Anti LGBT Dominion Covenant Protest Update.

OMAHA, NE – A small group of Omaha’s LGBT community and their straight allies held a protest against the anti LGBT hate group Dominion Covenant Church Sunday morning from 9am-11am.  The event is a weekly protest to be held every Sunday at 9am at the intersection of 67th and Dodge St through at least the month of January.  The event was held in response to news that the senior pastor, Phillip Kayser, supports the death penalty for homosexuals.

At the start of the protest, OPD and UNO campus security were present.  It is ironic UNO Campus security was on Thompson Center property, as the UNO Chancellor, John Christensen replied in various emails that the Center was not part of the UNO Campus. I have my doubts, now.  During the course of the protest, we were told that the Dominion Covenant Church has allegedly received threats.  I would like to see proof of such threats, but in lieu of further information, I would like to state, that I, Ken Riter, as author of this blog and event host, nor anyone present at the protest support any violence of any kind.  We are peaceful protesters simply using our rights to free speech and peaceable assembly. For the most part, the protest occurred without incident.  But someone in our group saw a friend enter the Thompson Center, became curious and entered the building.  The OPD and UNO Campus Security went into action, and a female cop became a little huffy with us. This was when we found out about the alleged threats.  If you or anyone you know is making the threats, please end it, now.  Also, two religious organizations share the building on Sunday mornings.  (And somehow I thought I could have a Sunday protest with NO DRAMA!!!)

On a lighter note, the author and owner of the blog, Aksarbent was there in attendance. He interviewed me, and also taped the UNO Campus Security truck at the center to show it was there. Here is the youtube interview video:

Also, if you’d like to join us, please do. We will protest every Sunday at 9am-11am thru at least January.  We are also looking for signs and posters specific to admonishing the Dominion Covenant Church/Cult,  and questioning the sense of UNO Alumni Center and UNO to allow such bigoted behavior on or near campus.  Also please send an email to Lee Denker, CEO of the UNO Alumni Association. They are in charge of renting out the building to the hateful Dominion Covenant Cult.  Ask them not house this hate group and to release their rental policy to you and the general public.  If they support killing homosexuals, ask them to show where in their policy it says that.


  1. Its quite apparent that its the UNO Alumni Association that is in charge of renting the UNO Thompson Center to the Dominion Covenant Church. The CEO of the UNO Alumni Association is Lee Denker and his email is


  2. Its from the wordpress options.


  3. The template is a free WordPress template, you have access to it if you have a blog with them.


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