Posted by: Ken Riter | January 7, 2012

Crazy Ultra-Conservative Nebraska to Consider its Own Voter ID Law

OMAHA, NE – Crazy Ultra-Conservative Nebraska is considering its own voter ID law.  Its being introduced by none other than one of its own ultra-crazy ultra-conservatives, Charlie Janssen of Fremont. The bill, known in Nebraska as LB-239, would require state or government issued ID be shown to election officials before a resident can cast a vote in any election.  I think its absurd anyone would even consider a law like this that violates a citizens’ right to vote.  Even Senator Janssen acknowledges that there have been no incidents of voter fraud in Nebraska.  Apparently, when you and your party are desperate to maintain power you’ll do whatever it is you need to, including disenfranchising some 130,000 Nebraskans who would not be able to vote if LB-239 became law.  Its a shame that on the Great Plains, home to people who are supposedly fair minded, politicians here think they have to be on the extreme right to get anything done.

As one would expect, there are citizen rights groups upset and consider the law amounting to a poll tax as residents will have to pay to get their ID.  The 130,000 Nebraskans expected to be affected negatively by LB-239 include young, elderly, poor and minority voters.  Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 is Voter ID Lobby Day and Bold Nebraska has an excellent article covering the details.  Buses will take concerned citizens in Omaha to Lincoln from North and South Omaha on Jan 11th. The buses will leave at 8am from Omaha OIC at 2724 N 24th St and the GI Forum at 2002 N St.  Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps told WOWT 6 news “while his office has taken no official position on the proposed bill, the way it is currently written would create an extra burden on his office during elections.”  If you will be negatively impacted by LB-239, please join the Voter ID Lobby Day effort!


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