Posted by: Ken Riter | December 29, 2011

Anti LGBT Hate Group Conducts Church Services at UNO

OMAHA, NE – Ron Paul is proudly being backed by an Omaha, NE based anti LGBT hate group called the Dominion Covenant Church.  The pastor of the church, one Phillip Kayser, supports bringing back the death penalty for homosexuality. As you can see in the link above, this hateful church has been conducting services on the UNO campus, at the William H Thompson Alumni Center, to be exact. They conduct services every Sunday at 9:30am.   So any protest or demonstrations planned should start promptly at Sundays 9am!!  😀 At the end of this issue, I will be leaving a list of phone numbers angry and disappointed citizens can call, including the center’s reservation office.

Phillip Kayser is the Senior Pastor of the Dominion Covenant Church, and he did not hide his belief for the gay death penalty when asked in an interview with Talking Points Memo.  In this recent TPM article called, “Death Penalty For Gays: Ron Paul Courts The Religious Fringe In Iowa, ” Pastor Kayser doesn’t hide his belief in a homosexual based death penalty and even acknowledged some writings based on this belief.  This PDF file was posted in the BiblicalBluePrints website, but the page has mysteriously disappeared.  Bigots can be quite slippery like that.  Let’s not forget, Mean Jean Stothert did something similar when she received thousands of emails urging her to support equality, she just claimed she only received a handful of emails.  We need to be on our toes, as activists, advocates and good citizens to combat the outright evil that exists in our current system.

Here is a list of phone numbers you can call and emails you can send to complain to UNO about them allowing a disgusting hate group that advocates killing an entire group of Americans based solely on who they love to conduct its services right on the UNO campus!  Like Nancy used to say,  JUST SAY NO!!!!     All UNO offices are closed until January 3rd.  Phone lines open at 7:30am!!!  You don’t have to call all the numbers, but I think it would help.

The UNO Thompson Center:                                                                                                  Lee Denker   President and CEO, UNO Alumni Association
6705 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE  68182

The UNO Main Student info: Phone 402-554-2800

My personal favorite!  The UNO Chancellor:  John Christensen  402-554-2262

Phone for        402-934-4619

Please share this with friends, so we can make a statement: No hate group, like the Dominion Covenant Church that advocates the Death Penalty for any group for noncriminal reasons, should ever be tolerated at a campus for learning and higher education!!


  1. here’s the tyrannical theocRATs violence inciting gay bashing


  2. WHY is this group the Dominion Covenant Church conducting church services at a UNO facility?. This group, an Anti LGBT Hate Group is conducting “church” services at the William H Thompson Alumni Center, WHY, is this allowed to happen?…is UNO not an institution of higher learning and education?


    • I’m not why they are allowed, but I left phone numbers where we can call and complain starting 7:30am Jan 3rd 2012.


  3. why is the media ignoring this story should be asked also


    • I agree, I’m going to email the info to local news people.


  4. I sent my email:
    As a proud UNO alumni I am APPALLED that you allow Dominion Covenant Church to use the Thompson Alumni Center as their place of worship. This is a “church” with a “pastor” that advocates the DEATH PENALTY for homosexuals. UNO should be much better at vetting those who use your campus than to allow a hate group such as Dominion to tarnish the fine reputation of the school. Please reconsider your agreement to allow this hate-filled “church” a place to “worship” on the UNO campus. They do not belong on the campus and hopefully, UNO does not support the “church’s” hate-filled and deathly rhetoric.


    Jeffrey A. Vandenberg MSW
    1983 and 1985


  5. I also sent an e-mail many thanks for posting the e-mail addresses.
    Dear Chancellor Christensen,
    I am writing to you to bring your attention to a preacher who rents space on your campus and advocates executing homosexuals. I am referring to Dr. Phillip Kayser of Dominion Covenant Church.
    This is truly appalling! What is he doing on your campus and why are you giving him a pulpit there?
    And not only that, he is not a registered church under the IRS guidelines, in other words he is not a 503 (c3) or (c4) which he himself preaches about on July 10, 2011 and I quote

    “And this is exactly what Senator Lyndon B. Johnson did in 1954 when he added churches to section 501c3 of the tax code. This crafty enemy of the church withdrew the protection of the Bill of Rights, Article I, with one stroke of the pen. Prior to that law, churches could apply the Scriptures to every area of life. But from that point on many churches stopped doing so, fearing that they would begin to be taxed or worse. Churches were already tax immune based upon Article I of the Bill of Rights. But when they started voluntarily applying to the IRS for 501c3 status (just to make sure that they were tax exempt), they willingly accepted a license that gave them tax exemption so long as they refrained from preaching on certain topics deemed political. I’ve gone through the tax code on this with our church’s attorney, and he agrees with our stance of not applying for 501c3 status and of not getting incorporated. The constitution already protects us. But he agrees that this was a huge overreach of the government.
    The Alliance Defense Fund is seeking to challenge this horrendous invasion of the jurisdiction of the church. On their website they say,”
    There is so much more. I recommend you listen to his sermons as you read the .pdf file of the sermon, found here

    His July 3rd sermon is a doosy also.

    He starts his July 10th sermon with a recommendation from the American Family Association, the American Family Association is designated a ***HATE GROUP*** by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the preeminent organization that tracks HATE GROUPS like the KKK, White Supremacists etc. But here we see Dr. Kayser promoting them in the very first paragraph of his July 10th sermon. To put the SPLC in perspective they are a community partner with the FBI.

    I first became aware of Dr. Kayne by reading at an Evangelical college Psychology professors web site

    What this is, is, politics disguised as religion. It is an affront to not just sexual minorities, and I am not one, but to decent American citizens who do not believe that we should discriminate, much less execute people because of their sexual orientation or sexual identity. I urge you to remove him from your campus. He’s not a registered church he is simply a one man HATE GROUP.


  6. Is there a petition at Change.Org on this ? We need to get Kayser off the Nebraska campus by petitioning the chancellor. Kayser is NOT a registered church.


  7. putting pressure on the media to report on uno allowing this “church’ on their campus should happen also.

    the omaha world herald and wowt and ketv and kmtv’s silence on this uno controversy is troubling.


  8. I received an e-mail back from the Chancellor which I will share

    “Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. The University of Nebraska at Omaha does not rent space to the organization you have identified. It is my understanding that they may rent space from the Alumni Association which supports campus programs and students, but is an independent organization located on private property. In other words, this a non-university entity.

    The Alumni Association does fine work on behalf of UNO students and programs as well as providing strong and meaningful connections, programs, and activities for approximately 100,000 UNO Alums across the globe. Their facility is rented to public agencies/organizations and individuals for a variety of meetings, weddings, and community functions as a matter day-to-day business and service to the metropolitan area. The facility is also made available for campus use supporting a wide range of University business and activities.

    I trust this clarifies the issue of concern as it relates to the campus.


    I am going to write back to him and ask him to use his influence on the Alumni Center. Then I am going to send out a few more e-mails to the Alumni Center staff. I hope YOU ALL do the same!!!


  9. Its a theme provided by WordPress when you sign up. They have tons of options when you do.


  10. Here is what I sent:
    Hello, my name is Ken Riter and I am a local gay activist and author of a blog called Progressive Oasis. I am emailing you today to express my deep concerns that you are allowing a hate group, Dominion Covenant Church, that supports killing homosexuals just for being homosexual to conduct its business on your property. I have one of their pamphlets attached to this email. Please read it for further info on this offensive hate group. This information has already made national news, as the Senior Pastor, Phillip Kayser is a Ron Paul backer. Its sad that our own local Omaha media outlets are ignoring this story, I hope your organization listens to all of us who are deeply concerned.
    I currently attend Metro Community College, and have been considering transferring to UNO, but with the UNO Alumni Center doing business with this hate group, I find the thought of attending school anywhere near this church to be distasteful and unacceptable. I hope your organization will immediately disallow this hate group on your property. Allowing them to continue with the knowledge of what they are about is only enabling them to spread their disgusting hatred. Nebraska’s LGBT Community suffers enough with no employment, housing, public accomodations or other protections enjoyed by other protected classes, allowing this hate group only adds salt to our wounds.


  11. shows Ed Schultz of MSNBC has talked about Kayser/Ron Paul controversey.

    meanwhile, Omaha World Herald and KETV and KMTV and WOWT have OUTRIGHT REFUSED to report on a nationally known but ignored by local media story.

    speaks volumes, unless it’s about the stupid Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, the local Omaha media could care less.


  12. I just want to point out that UNO could not turn them away if they wanted to. If they turned away the group and did not let them use the facility they would in turn have turn away EVERY other non university affiliated group. Not allowing one to use a PUBLIC facility whilst allowing another infringes on Freedom of Speech rights as well as a whole slew of other laws meant to prevent exactly that. Encouraging people to contact UNO and complain is only sending people on a goose chase and wasting their time. People are allowed to believe what they wish…its not for anyone, yourself or myself included, to dispute their beliefs.

    I am typing this as gay man, btw, lest you think I am a “fringe lunatic” as well.


    • Encouraging people to call and email is every bit the free speech you are talking about.


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  14. Here is the FaceBook Link to the protest event for Sunday, Jan 8th, 9am at 67th and Dodge.


  15. […] Anti LGBT Dominion Covenant Protest Update. Filed under: LGBT Queer issues — Leave a comment 01/09/2012 OMAHA, NE – A small group of Omaha’s LGBT community and their straight allies held a protest against the anti LGBT hate group Dominion Covenant Church Sunday morning from 9am-11am.  The event is a weekly protest to be held every Sunday at 9am at the intersection of 67th and Dodge St through at least the month of January.  The event was held in response to news that the senior pastor, Phillip Kayser, supports the death penalty for homosexuals. […]


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  17. Thank you very much!


  18. All communications should go to:
    The UNO ThompsonAlumniCenter:

    Lee Denker
    President and CEO, UNO Alumni Association
    6705 Dodge Street
    Omaha, NE 68182


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