Posted by: Ken Riter | September 2, 2011

Jean Stothert’s Mean History on LGBT issues.

Jean Stothert’s Mean History on LGBT issues.

Over ten years ago Millard Public Schools made a horribly incompetent decision by removing all classes from their harassment policy, ensuring that protections for sexual orientation and gender identity never exist there. This is after students at the time made complaints about being called “faggots”, “queers” and similar words by their classmates. Not only did the school board remove ALL protected classes from their harassment poilcy, some school board members denied the harassment ever happened. To this, they ensured they added punishments and disciplines for lying about harassment that would surely frighten already scared and defenseless LGBT students if they are served with the burden of proving the incidents took place.

Jean Stothert, Omaha’s Blonde Queen of Mean, was on the school board at the time and she spearheaded those moves to ensure that, by any means necessary, sexual orientation would not be protected in her school district. You can bet that what this imbesil did on the Millard School Board, she wants to see this happen on a local, state and federal level, that is her anti-gay agenda.

Ten years later, I wonder how those changes worked out for the students. Ten years later, I hope those decisions Mean Jean Stothert made come back to haunt her.

Let’s not forget her bigoted behavior on the Omaha City Council; she brought in those Kansas City lawyers to pry apart Ben Gray’s non-discrimination proposal. She also made the staunch claim that LGBT protections would hurt Omaha businesses. What a ridiculous, factless notion from an incompetent City Councilmember. I would like proof showing all those Fortune 500 companies that are hurting because they allow members of the LGBT community to work there. What about every other federally protected group? Did they destroy American businesses? I think not.

Mean Jean Stothert also had the dreaded Family First organization get involved as well. Family First is a Nebraska based anti-gay hate group that advertises ties with ceritified national anti-gay hate groups like Focus on the Family.



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