Posted by: Ken Riter | September 14, 2011

Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Little Political Prostitute

Jon Bruning has grown a reputation of being an ultra-conservative embarrassment to Nebraska, but once upon a time this Republican buffoon wrote beautiful, ultra-liberal articles in The Daily Nebraskan. This has been mentioned in numerous stories over the years, but my favorites are the ones that purport him to be someone kind of political prostitute, selling himself out to the ideas that will garner him the most votes and more importantly, elected office.  Take that idea in perspective with the recent revelations of this politician’s newly revealed wealth.

Jon Bruning also has a reputation for for saying some of the dumbest things in Nebraska politics, among them equating a man marrying a man to the same as a man marrying a chair.  He didn’t mention anything about a woman marrying a woman, but like a hypocritical bigot, I assume its one of his fantasies. Recently, he compared welfare recipients to raccoons.  What is really unfortunate is that the Attorney General is far less wily than raccoons and welfare recipients.

Bruning is a political raccoon, but not too wiley.

Just recently it was revealed that Jon Bruning added millions to his wealth during his term as Attorney General, and if elected to the Senate he would be one of the top ten richest Senators. Put that in perspective. According to the OWH, Bruning is worth between $12 milion and $61 million. If you go by the higher estimate, $61 million, Bruning would easily make the Top Ten list of Congress’s richest lawmakers.

And to add to Bruning’s annoying ultra- conservative reputation he has created a Tea Party connection, most likely just for the votes. He is the type of politician that would go to such extremes.  Tea Party is and always will be, extreme and fringe, in my opinion.  He is so desperate for political attention he held a rally in Omaha with the Tea Party Express bus and had as a special guest, Nevada Tea Party psycho, Sharron Angle, the desert hag herself.

For someone who claims to be for the people, yet refers to those who live on welfare as raccoons, he sure is making a lot of money with tax payers’ dollars, yet he sure makes the easiest choices to garner himself some votes, I think calling Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Little Political Prostitute is an absolute understatement.

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