Posted by: Ken Riter | January 25, 2013

The Troubles With Jean Stothert (Are Limitless).

OMAHA, NE – Attention all bakeries, get ready your pastries, Jean Stothert is running for Mayor.  That is not much of surprise, her name has been tossed around as a potential candidate for Mayor since Hal Daub of Hal-in-a-Handbasket fame lost his race to Suttle in 2009. Her name was even tossed around on the conservatively disgusting blog, LeavenworthSt Blog as a replacement for Lt Governor Sheehy, but that scandal never really became public.

Jean Stothert won election to the Omaha City Council in 2009 and has been known as a naysayer on various issues without ever providing a clear alternative of her own.  In contrast, her campaign is offering all kinds of lip service to get your vote for Mayor.

Mayor Jim Suttle has already had to take measures to offset costs to be incurred by a Fire Contract Jean Stothert supported and helped negotiate. She’s chairman of the City Council Labor Negotiations committee. It seems Jean Stothert didn’t take the time to have the contract studied by the City Finances department to make it didn’t cost the city any additional millions. That is no surprise, because when she ran for City Council in 2009, she didn’t no the city banned any officials from having any financial interest in any city contract.  She didn’t bother to check into that either. As a result her husband had to resign from a job that was paying about $58,000. That negligence on her part cost her family at least the $58,000 according to the Sunday OWH dated January 13, 2013.  How much more will she cost the city as Mayor?

A recent article revealed how much the  Mayoral campaigns have raised so far. Stothert lead the GOP pack, but only because  she had $100,000 from her previous City Council campaign, but the numbers show Welch and Nabity both raise more than Stothert in 2012.  Obviously, she isn’t the first choice of her party. January 31st is the deadline for filing political fundraising reports. After that date, we will be able to see who is funding Omaha’s GOP clown circus.

Speaking of clown circus, Stothert’s campaign has been run HORRIBLY!  I signed up for the campaign emails, and there is always some correction email sent out soon after because the staffer either mispelled something, or provided misinformation.  In fact, when Stothert first announced her campaign, they spelled her last name wrong!  LOL.

Jean Stohert for Retirement!

Jean Stothert’s idiot campaign spelled her last name wrong. LOL

Campaign Flop Stothert

Stothert’s Horribly Run Campaign, much like her Mayoral Administration would be.

Someone even created a fake Twitter account based on the  misspelling.  And NO, I did not create that account. I created Jean Stothert for Retirement, for the record, please like the page. 😀  Incorrect spellings are the only problems that be seen with Stothert’s mismanagment of situations, as Chair of the Labor Negotiations committee, she spearheaded the effort to pan Jim Suttle’s contract, and take the contract negotiations out of the hands of the Mayor and back under City Council control.  She once publicly denied she spearheaded these events, but her campaign emails boast that she spearheaded the campaign.

Stothert's Crap.

Stothert’s False Claims, No she didn’t save the taxpayers money, she cost them $6million more in the budget.

Let’s not forget what a hater Jean Stothert is on LGBT issues.  One former Millard student also mentions that Jean Stothert installed the mysterious morality clause that prevented any staff from reporting any anti-LGBT bullying or even made it hard for the staff to sponsor a GSA group, because LGBT issues were just too controversial for Jean Stothert and Millard’s morals. Below is Jean Stothert in that disgusting color complaining about gay people.




  1. Yep, sure was a badly run campaign. Of course, not as badly run as Jim Suttle’s… so, we got that going for us.


    • Now it will be a horribly run administration, Omaha’s worst case of voter remorse in its history. That will be Jean Stothert.


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