Posted by: Ken Riter | September 12, 2013

Jean Stothert Continues to Bring Omaha Down.

OMAHA, NE – Jean Stothert’s less than stellar performance so far as Omaha’s Mayor is no surprise to those who opposed her during the Mayoral race. As a vocal opponent to Jean Stothert, I can say those feelings are only growing stronger as we learned on Thursday, that Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services downgraded Omaha’s credit rating one notch, from AAA to AA+.  According to the Omaha World Herald, this is the first time Standard and Poor’s has given Omaha anything less than an AAA rating. A lower bond rating can make it more difficult for the city to obtain money from lenders, making it cost more to pay for things the city needs done. Upon the announcement, spokeswoman for the Mayor’s office said Stothert was not available for comment.  How convenient for the Mayor that she is suddenly not available for comment when the news comes out!   A complete dodge of her duties to lead this city.! The Mayor had gone to Chicago last week hoping the fire contract she helped negotiate would help strengthen Omaha’s credit rating. Well, Mayor, pixie dust and magic math can’t help you.

Miss Jim Suttle yet?

Miss Me Yet?

Miss Jim Suttle yet?

Voters should have paid attention during the Mayoral race. Remember Jean Stothert’s Hall of Magic, Secrets and Illusions?

Remember all those savings Stothert said taxpayers would get with her in office?  All those tax savings are about to go up in smoke, because Stothert has continued to mismanage the city’s money. Stothert lead the negotiations on the fire contract, so her fingerprints are all over this mess of a downgrade. her fingerprints have been all over it since her time on the City Council!  That’s Jean Stothert’s magic math! Can you see through the fog yet? At this point, are you sure you even want to?

Jean Stothert Retiring With Pancakes.

As Omaha Burns in the Background, Jean Enjoys a Pancake on her Head.


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