Posted by: Ken Riter | August 31, 2013

Lee Terry and Jean Stothert Display Their Lack of Integrity.

OMAHA, NE – Two of Omaha elected officials, Lee Terry and Jean Stothert continue to show their lack of integrity, much to the ire of Omaha voters who are too well informed to vote for them.  Why do these politicians get re-elected time after time when they do not represent the people they are supposed to represent?

Jean Stothert claims to be the Mayor for everyone in Omaha, yet allows racial comments on her FaceBook page.  Shame-shame! Look at the racial comments our Mayor allows on her FaceBook page. And she’s supposed to be everybody’s Mayor? But if you disagree with her, she’ll remove your comments and ban you from posting. This elected official needs to learn how to handle dissent.It has also been revealed that the Mayor’s office has begun investigating the city’s longtime fire chief, now that a deal has fallen through under which he would have retired. Neither Stothert nor McDonnell will share details of the proposed deal. Speaking of Unions, why are people are opposed to unions marching in parades on Labor Day celebrating unions instead of working? March with Mayor Stothert parade event. See snapshot of racial comment below.

Racial Comment on Jean Stothert's Facebook

Racial Comment by Donald Armstrong on Jean Stothert’s FB page allowed to remain.

I have a dream too, that Jean Stothert is no longer Mayor, but I will survive the current nightmare!

The Congressman from Nebraska’s second district continues his legacy of No Integrity.  Lee Terry has no integrity when it comes to supporting the real issues. In an interview about Syria with the Huffington Post, Lee Terry says, “My “gut feeling” is that the Syrian government acquired chemical weapons from Iraq.” Yet, Congressman Terry does not support military intervention in Syria. In another example of absurdity and lack of integrity from Lee Terry, the Congressman offered to replace the Affordable Care Act with a health care proposal that’s both similar to ObamaCare and reminiscent of a policy proposed by John Kerry during his presidential campaign back in 2004. See video below.

Can we afford to have these two in office any longer?  I think not.


  1. Twenty years ago the Republican Party put Jon Christensen up for District 2 US Representative, he won, and in a very shot time won the title of “dimmest bulb in congress.” Then in 1998 Lee Terry took over. And has matched the dimmest bulb award and then some. He had also promised to “term limit” himself at 3. Hm. He’s at 8 and counting. If he can. He remains an extraordinary embarrassment. He’s not truly unethical because he has no real principles except being a conservative rubber stamp. But Stothert is a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary, and a Clone of Daub. There were some who thought her tough stand against the corrupt Fire Union was proof of her ethical toughness. No, she’s a reactionary Millard racist, bigot, supremacist, and has sutured her lips to the backside of every major CEO in Omaha. For those who were going to make a point and vote for her, I wanted to say “Abandon all hope, ye who enter that polling booth to vote for 18th century values.” Sigh.


    • Nice commentary, Doug! I agree with everything you’ve added. Thank you! 😀


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