Posted by: Ken Riter | August 8, 2013

Heartland Pride President Refuses to Apologize to LGBT Activists.

OMAHA, NE – Heartland Pride President, Beth Rigatuso, refused to apologize publicly to LGBT activists in Omaha at Heartland Pride’s monthly meeting Thursday evening, although, she did extend apologies to a couple of the attendees not named Ken Riter.  I’m too NASTY of a human being for her apology.  I am relieved.  I was also further accused of saying NASTY things about Beth on the Progressive Oasis blog, which is complete nonsense and absolutely untrue.  Here is the link to the only articles I wrote about Heartland Pride 2013 before this one that even bother mentioning Beth Rigatuso.  Nothing was said about Beth that was even remotely close to being called a Westboro Protester.  Beth justifies herself by saying horrible things were said about her that were much worse on FaceBook. Horrible things, BTW, that were said after Beth made those initial divisive comments on the news and on the Pride stage that fateful Friday night. Honestly, I never asked for an apology  from Beth for myself. I was asking for the LGBT people in my community that were offended and hurt by her comments, and rightfully so. Beth did say, if you want your apology from her, you’ll have to go to her and get it.

I’m not surprised, by her attitude,  My first encounter with Beth wasn’t pleasant, and I doubt our nonworking relationship will produce any work in the future.  I may attend more Pride meetings to decide if I even want to be part of any future Pride events in Omaha.  Over the years, I have noticed many members of the LGBT community stop attending LGBT events because they feel Pride, especially Omaha’s Pride, no longer identifies them. Some of them, rather than quit attending outright, will go out of town and enjoy Pride in another city, a more activist city.  In fact, I have felt more and more that Pride doesn’t define me, it has become a party to get drunk at, when it used to represent activism and the fight for freedom and equality.  I am activist, and it doesn’t represent me. I don’t think it ever has.  If you are one of those people who feels that Pride no longer identifies you, that’s OK. You don’t have to conform to what all LGBT people supposedly do.   And, remember,  you are never alone.



  1. It’s LGBTQIA I thought???


    • And I haven’t even gotten into the budget issues yet.


  2. […] made of her regarding her comments comparing Omaha’s LGBT activists to Westboro protesters.  Rigatuso refused to apologize publicly for her comments about Westboro protesters, but she did apologize to two individuals present at the August meeting.  But after she announced […]


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