Posted by: Ken Riter | August 1, 2013

Nebraskans for Equality to Host Full Equality Rally at 72nd and Dodge.

OMAHA, NE – Nebraskans for Equality is hosting a Full Equality Rally at the intersection of 72nd and Dodge, this Friday, August 2nd, 2013, from 4pm-6pm CST.  The rally will raise awareness to the public of the vast range of inequality issues that members of  Nebraska’s LGBTQIA community face and the actions that need to be taken to resolve them. These issues include, but are not limited to, statewide Workplace Protections, Marriage Equality, Public Accommodation, the passage of legislative bills LB380 and LB385 and much more. Anyone who supports moving forward on LGBTQIA issues is more than welcome to attend.

While momentum for Marriage Equality after the SCOTUS’ DOMA decision is strong and growing nationally, the Nebraska LGBTQIA community must be part of the national movement forward on all LGBTQIA issues. Members of the LGBTQIA community of Nebraska must continue to be loud and proud.  Members of  Nebraska’s LGBTQIA community must engage the public to help increase awareness and knowledge of the inequalities that negatively impact  thousands of  Nebraskans. Nebraskans for Equality founder, Ken Riter, intends to help raise awareness statewide concerning the social welfare of the LGBTQIA community, the challenges they faced by LGBTQIA people, and solutions to those issues in the State of Nebraska.

The acronym LGBTQIA demonstrates the diversity of the community and stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning,Intersexed, Asexual and Ally. To further demonstrate diversity in the LGBTQIA community, members can be of any race, ethnicity, nationality, religious denomination, cultural background, economic status, or educational background to name just a few. What sets the LGBTQIA community apart is the discrimination its members deal with based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  Nebraskans must understand that these issues are not chosen, they are part of the person just as much as race or hair color is. These are the issues all Nebraskans should be aware of, these are issues that must be dealt with and resolved as soon as possible.  


For further information please contact Ken Riter at 402-686-6389.

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