Posted by: Ken Riter | June 21, 2013

Jean Stothert, It is not enough just to appear at Heartland Pride!

OMAHA, NE – It was previously reported that Jean Stothert would appear at Pride at 12:45pm on Saturday to give the Proclamation. Due to security issues that time may have changed and Heartland Pride isn’t releasing that time.

If Jean Stothert truly wants to reach out to Omaha’s LGBTQIA community, she can publicly embrace statewide workplace protections and statewide marriage equality. She should display the very same leadership the city she is supposed to lead already does by setting the example as a shining progressive oasis with workplace protections. Equality for all, doesn’t stop at Omaha’s city limits. Just simply claiming to uphold Omaha’s workplace protections is just simply not enough for someone like her who spent her entire political career working against us! I don’t believe her anyway.  I think she will defund the department that would handle such workplace complaints.  We must get on our City Council members to be sure they don’t allow those cuts!

Jean Stothert needs to publicly apologize to our community for her work against us and she needs to publicly apologize for how she treated various members of the LGBT Community at the Omaha City Council hearing as well as how she treated LGBT people across social media and in person.  Our community is not the only community who has had problems with her. I guarantee you other groups will not let her have it so easily!!!  We should not let her have it so easily!!! Even our beloved President and First Lady are not free from activists’ rants. Why should our anti-gay Mayor get special  treatment?  She shouldn’t get special treatment!!

If you see Jean Stothert speak anywhere, including Heartland Pride this weekend, feel free to voice your concerns as an American who just happens to be LGBTQIA.   I would suggest not to waste your words with booing and hollering, but actually say the words, SUPPORT NEBRASKA WORKPLACE PROTECTIONS,, or SUPPORT NEBRASKA MARRIAGE EQUALITY. You can’t stand against our rights, then come to Pride pretending to give a damn about us weeks later, Jean Stothert!!!

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