Posted by: Ken Riter | June 10, 2013

Jean Stothert, Opponent of WorkPlace Protections, to Speak at Omaha’s Pride 2013.

OMAHA, NE – [Update: It was previously reported that Jean Stothert would appear at Pride at 12:45pm on Saturday to give the Proclamation. Due to security issues that time may have changed and Heartland Pride isn’t releasing that time.]

Jean Stothert, newly inaugurated Mayor of Omaha will be speaking at Omaha’s Pride 2013 later this month.  She has become infamous for leading opposition against Omaha’s workplace protections ordinance, which makes sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes.  Will she be including an apology to all the LGBT people and their Allies she disrespected while on the Omaha City Council and on her FaceBook page?

Jean Stothert Loves Hal Daub.

Jean Stothert to pay her “respects to the LGBT community” at Omaha’s Pride 2013.

Omaha Braces itself as Jean Stothert takes office.

Jean Stothert will make the proclamation for Heartland Pride 2013 at about 12:45pm Saturday afternoon, June 22nd.

Below is just one of many things Jean Stothert can apologize for.  She tolerated Rich Wiese’s hateful comment, but accuses his target of attacking her.  Jean Stothert NEVER removed Wiese’s comment from her page.  But she banned people from her page, LGBT and Ally alike, for supporting the workplace protections ordinance.  I find that appalling.  One speeech at pride isn’t going to make up for over 15 years total on a school board and city council of working against equality for a specific group of people who have needed it.

One of many things Jean can apologize for.

Jean Stothert ignores Rich Wiese’s bigoted comment, but instead accuses Wiese’s target of attacking her.


  1. I want to be respectful with my comments here as I know some people feel differently. However I just don’t understand their decision in this. the theme for this year’s pride is “live proud”. I know this may mean different things to different people however to me it means I can live each day as myself. whether it be at a bar, a restaurant, a park, a job, a school, etc…. To invite someone to speak at a function who was at one time going to repeal the Equal protection in workplace act (granted she now says she won’t but still she campaign on it) and at the very least has a not friendly lgbt record is very confusing. You’re wanting me to live proud but yet you’re inviting a person to speak who would be okay with me being fired from a job for living proud at that job. I understand that it may of been a formality to invite her however I would just ask that they review their decision. not only is this against their own motto “live proud” but at the very least it is a very divisive issue. just looking around other groups you see how people are already fighting with each other over her speaking at pride. Now they have put a fact up that they’ve had mayoral support since 1991 although this is technically true I would like to amend that they only mayor who actually spoke at pride was Suttle. all the rest just had proclamations. Although maybe still divisive I would hope that the board would reconsider call her back and ask her just to do a proclamation. this may not sit right for all lgbt to have her even do that but at least that is more understandable and to be a good compromise. now this is just my view on the subject but I just don’t think have her there is the right thing to do nor making me want to “live proud”.


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