Posted by: Ken Riter | May 13, 2013

Jean Stothert: Saying Anything to be Mayor!!!

OMAHA, NE – As the Omaha Mayor‘s race gets closer and closer, Jean Stothert’s rhetoric becomes a political campaign free for all.  You can see it in article after article, debate after debate concerning Omaha’s Mayoral Race.

One point to pick at in Stothert’s campaign is her rhetoric about the budget. She wants to cut taxes and the budget, but then fails to admit what she’ll cut.   A typical tactic seen nationally from Tea Partiers.  She had said during the primary that she wouldn’t immediately repeal the restaurant tax nor the increases in the wheel tax. A recent article in the Omaha Word-Herald called Stothert’s budget ideas, “Magic Math”.

The Suttle campaign recently released an ad knocking Stothert’s magic math, hidden secrets and broken campaign promises.

The ad above points out Stothert stance on privatization of the City Fire Services, you can see the interview in the video below where Stothert said she would support the Fire Fighters, but in actual votes on the City Council, she voted against EVERY campaign promise she made to them.

A YouTube video under the account of John Public pokes fun at Jean Stothert’s issues with her budget math.  You can enjoy the video here. Its called Jean’s Magic Budget Ride

One thing people may not realize about Jean Stothert is that she is a Tea Partier and has spoken at several Tea Party rallies in the past few years. Here is Jean Stothert speaking at such a rally in 2010.

Contrast that video, with a video taking from her speaking at a Tea Party rally in April 2013.  Looks like she doesn’t want some people to know she is a big  local Tea Party Queen.

Let’s not forget how rude and vindictive Jean Stothert can be.  I mentioned in my previous article how she falsely and publicly accused me of creating some parody twitter account. Here is another example of her vindictive and threatening nature, basically threatening people with their jobs or doing future business with the city.

That's the kind of Mayor she'll be!!!

That’s the kind of Mayor she’ll be!!!

As you can see, Jean Stothert will be a horrible Mayor for Omaha!  Help your friends see through all the crap she’ll say just to be Mayor!! Please check out my Jean Stothert for Retirement Facebook page for more info on how horrible she truly will be.  Don’t forget to like and share the page, as well as this article!  Thanks!




  1. Poor Jean….. all fluff and no substance.


    • And that’s the kind of Mayor she’ll be!!!


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