Posted by: Ken Riter | April 2, 2013

Jean Stothert’s Petty Politics Cost Omaha Taxpayers Millions!!!

OMAHA, NE – Jean Stothert is at it again, telling her lies and spreading her petty and misleading politics.  Where should I start?  LOL I think I know where!   Jean Stothert’s sweet heart $10,000 donation from a landowner and the truth about her Fire Contract!

Jean Stothert’s corrupt “little” $10,000 donation from Virgil Anderson, Owner of the now infamous development project near 16th and Locust street. When questioned by the OWH, Stothert said, “she wanted to give Anderson and the city more time to negotiate a fair selling price for the property”.  The article goes to mention that, “The city had offered Anderson about $1.1 million for the site. Anderson’s response was to ask nearly three times that amount, officials said”.  I think he just needed more time to negotiate a higher price tag to charge Omaha taxpayers.  Anderson donated the $10,000 just days after the Development Project appeared on the city council agenda. Soon after, Jean Stothert lead a coalition that blocked the development’s passage until this corruption came to light. The coalition fell apart.  Then and only then did the measure pass with a miraculous 7-0 vote of approval from the Omaha City Council.

$10,000 in Petty Politics

Greedy Property owner’s Sweet heart donation to the very corrupt Jean Stothert.

You can see the full document here.

Now let’s talk about Jean Stothert’s much publicized disaster, also known as her Fire Contract.  There is a previous Progressive Oasis article that features a video of Stothert being interviewed for Fire Union support for a previous election campaign.  You’ll see she supports many things the Fire Union wants when she’s not grandstanding against unions altogether. The video can also be seen here.  From the video page:

The Facts about the Fire Union Deal Jean Stothert negotiated
and promoted in her campaign for Omaha Mayor:

  • Allows current Firefighters to retire at 45

  • Allows fire management “spiking” until 2023

  • Provided highest Firefighter pay in Omaha history

  • Guarantees minimum bureau staffing, a point eliminated by the CIR

  • Largest Fire Department Budget ever

  • Left a $7 Million deficit in the Omaha City Budget

Spike it!

Spiking Still Allowed

There has also been some controversy about Jean Stothert receiving campaign donations from Fire Unions.  She once made a statement that anyone receiving donations from unions should NOT be able to vote on union issues in the City Council.  Low and behold, she herself accepted union donations, even after she denied it.  Here is the proof:

Jean Stothert took Union dollars

Jean Stothert lied about receiving Union money.

Here is the link to the Taxpayers Unlimited website showing its a Fire Union.  A link to an OWH article detailing Stothert recently donating the Union money to a local charity can be found right here. The pic below is more documentation of Jean Stothert’s lies from a mailer.

Jean Stothert's Fibs are now Famous!

Jean Stothert’s Fibs are now Famous!

This is a snapshot of a text copy of Jean Stothert falsely accusing me of creating the @meanjeanomaha twitter account. Circa Jan 2011, sometime after the first attempt to pass LGBT protections in Omaha’s City Council. Jean posted false accusation about 11pm at night back in about Jan 2010 and by the time I got up and checked it around 7am in the morning, the entire thread was gone. I sent her a nasty message about it and was banned from her page soon after.

Jean Stothert's Lies.

Jean Stothert falsely and publicly accuses Ken Riter of @meanjeanomaha twitter account.

You can find more information about Jean Stothert at the Jean Stothert for Retirement FaceBook page.  As you can see and I’m sure you already knew, Jean Stothert is not a person of integrity.  That’s the kind of Mayor she’ll be!!!



  1. […] not forget how rude and vindictive Jean Stothert can be.  I mentioned in my previous article how she falsely and publicly accused me of creating some parody twitter account. Here is another example of her vindictive and threatening nature, […]


  2. what’s funny is now it’s Oct 2013, and she’s being blasted for holding the Fire Dept to the budget. The Fire Dept is over budget by 6.2 Mil unless they cut training from 48 to 12 for Paramedic training or lay off 19 firemen. The union isn’t budging, so 19 people get laid off.
    So criticize her then and criticize her now. The Fire Dept would have gone over budget regardless of any mayor, but good for her to keep them to the negotiated amount.


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