Posted by: Ken Riter | May 25, 2012

As Our Stomachs Churn, The Bigotry Continues.

OMAHA, NE – Ever hear the phrase, “Bigotry is as old as the Bible”?  Well, get used to it, its true.  There is a reason for it and it will only get more prominent as the LGBT community fights for and wins more civil rights protections.  Just like the extremist Tea Party fearing whites becoming the minority in this nation, the religious bigots of our day have turned bigotry into a profession and a perverted art form all because they fear the gays are coming to take over!!!  At least for every bigoted church in existence there are churches who are still very accepting of the LGBT community. Let’s not forget them!

In Nebraska, all the Jon Bruning’s and the Jean Stothert’s get scores of campaign money and broad rightwing support everytime they say something against LGBT equality. Dozens of divorced conservatives condemn homosexual love and marriage, but behind closed doors they engage in sexual positions forbidden by their own Bible with spouse number 2, 3, or more. This is the hypocrisy conservatives love.  Speaking of conservative loves, here’s a record from Sarpy County of straight married couples supporting the sanctity of marriage.  The hypocrisy of American conservatism energizes them to let loose on the private lives of those who struggle in society, as that is the only way conservatives can raise themselves up above their very own sins and the sins of their parents. Jean Stothert says in a recent article, “The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution already gives everyone equal protection under the law.”  So what on Earth would Omaha and Lincoln have any business passing an ordinance that supports the 14th Amendment right? It should also be noted that those same Stothert quotes have been mysteriously scrubbed from every article they appeared in.  Bigoted types in Omaha already receive protections not granted to them by the Constitution, heaven forbid anyone else gets the same privilege. Religion is a choice, and the constitution protects that.

Anti-LGBT hate groups in Lincoln claim to have gathered enough signatures to force Lincoln’s LGBT ordinance to a vote of the people.  One things none of the hate groups can explain is why the majority gets to dictate the civil rights of a minority.  Nor can they explain why their religious beliefs should be held above all others.  Nor they can they show the public where in the Constitution it says homosexuality is a sin.  If they want us to base our rules on God’s law, try bringing evidence that shows God exists. Even people who once supported reparative therapy are retracting their statements.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Obama’s final nod for Marriage Equality has caused some positive ripples in the socio-political “pond” of our nation. Will Smith and NAACP are a few of the ships who have felt the waves, and they have tilted their sails in the direction of Civil Rights for All! This is why it is so important for our leaders to come out and be brave and support Marriage Equality or come out of the closet, whatever the case maybe. If they don’t it is our job as citizens and voters to give them that needed push and support they deserve!!!


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