Posted by: Ken Riter | April 2, 2012

Go Solar! Attend a Solar Garden Workshop!

OMAHA, NE – Solar Gardens are an innovative way to provide homegrown renewable energy to Nebraska communities.  To further discuss the importance of solar energy and to help educate the community on Solar Gardens, a Nebraska Solar Co-op Workshop will be held on Saturday, May12th from 1pm to 2:30pm at First Unitarian Church, address 3114 Harney St in Omaha.

Brice Miller, a student at UNO,  has developed a business model for solar gardens, an innovative way to provide homegrown, renewable energy to Nebraska communities and benefit local economies.  After the presentation, James Devaney and Michael Shonka, President and Vice-President of Nebraska Solar Energy Society, will be available to answer questions about Miller’s business model and other solar co-op models at this workshop.

And just what are Solar Gardens? According to the Solar Garden Institute, “a solar garden is a neighborhood solar array with grid-connected subscribers. Homes and businesses, even if shaded by trees, receive a bill credit as if the panels were on their own roof”.

The Green Omaha Coalition has some great information on starting your own Solar Energy Co-op.  What many people don’t realize is that Nebraska has great potential for Solar Power, in a 2006 survey, Nebraska was ranked #13 in its potential for Solar Power.

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