Posted by: Ken Riter | November 29, 2011

Occupy Omaha and LGBTQ November Update

There has been some exciting news for Occupy Omaha and LGBTQ issues since my long last posting.  Among them, the Omaha Occupiers who were arrested earlier this month got all their charges dropped, and Forward Equality, an Omaha based LGBTQ right group voted to not support Gwen Howard for Congress at this time.

In Occupy Omaha news, the 3 Occupiers arrested for trespassing had all their charges dropped.  Also, I’d like to announce that the Occupy Omaha General Assembly Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 will be at the Holy Family Catholic Church at 1715 Izard St, about a block north of 17th and Cuming.

In Omaha Queer Community news, local LGBTQ group Forward Equality voted to not support Gwen Howard for Congress at this time a brief of the minutes is below.

Forward Equality Board of Directors discussed Gwen Howard for Congress and this is an exert from the Nov 22nd Board Meeting minutes:
Gwen Howard for Congress:
• Supports SSIA (Safe Schools Improvement Act)
• Supports ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act)
• Lacks knowledge on transgender/genderqueer issues
• Does not support RFMA (Respect for Marriage Act) at this time.
• Does not support join-adoption nation-wide at this time.
• Lacks knowledge on immigration rights for LGBTQ individuals and couples.
• Supports the Occupy Wall Street movement. (Did not know what Citizens United was)
o Public proposes that we do not support Gwen Howard for Congress at this time.
Proposal seconded
• Motion passes

Members of Forward Equality would like to stress that this may change before the election as more information is given to the Gwen Howard Campaign and that members of the Omaha Queer community understand exactly what all the candidates for NE district 2 stand for when it comes to equal rights protections for the LGBTQ community.

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