Posted by: Ken Riter | November 4, 2011

OccupyEquality Nebraska to Rally Tuesday, November 15.

OccupyEquality Nebraska, established on October 16, 2011, would like you to attend their equal rights rally on Tuesday, November 15th at 2:30pm.

From the FaceBook page: the group is described as taking total responsibility for their own equality. OccupyEquality Nebraska takes back the equality revolution from the overpaid fractured LGBTQ Gay.Inc industry. OccupyEquality Nebraska joins forces with the Occupy Wall Street revolution because the corporate dictatorship needs to be stopped by us all. Every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and allied human being on Planet Earth are welcome to join forces on OccupyEquality Nebraska. If you LIKE &/or FAVORITE OccupyEquality Nebraska you are encouraged to become a page administrator as OccupyEquality Nebraska is OUR page and belongs to us all.

OccupyEquality Nebraska mission is to take back the LGBTQ Equality revolution from corporate owned Gay.Inc industry and network with the Occupy Wall Street revolution to end the global corporate dictatorship and the heterosupremacist tyrannical theocrat corporate cults who incite violence against LGBT people.

The Tuesday, Nov 15th event will start at 2:30pm to 6:30pm at the intersection of 120th and Center.  You are welcome to be there anytime to help them out. After the rally there will be a meeting to discuss what the group will do next in Omaha for Omaha Queers.

OccupyEquality Nebraska is an OccupyEquality  and Demand Equality affiliated Facebook page.

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