Posted by: Ken Riter | September 23, 2011

Jean Stothert and Dave Nabity EXPOSED!

I have to laugh at the title.  It almost sounds like we are catching these two cranky conservatives screwing in a closet somewhere. LOL  For the record, we did not catch these two screwing anywhere.  Fortunately, the truth and the video is much more interesting.  A few years ago, before they were against the fire union, they were totally for it. Of course, they were looking for political campaign support, but who’s counting? 

Jean Stothert’s husband worked for the Fire Department, then all of a sudden he didn’t work for them.  With all the complaining Jean Stothert does about campaign money and Unions, she could recuse herself from some proceedings instead of doing her now routine vindictive works.  Here is the youtube video called JEAN STOTHERT EXPOSED , despite the fact she calls it a smear campaign in the media, you can hear and see her say every word.  She says she supports four to a truck for safety reasons and she’s against privatization, yet in reality she supported legislation that would make it easier for Omaha to go to private companies with its Emergency Services.  She specifically states that she “would not stop and say send this to the CIR, I would work until there is an agreement.”  Oops, what happened there?  Then states that she is a person of her word.  I could name dozens of people who would say different.  And I’d agree.  She is horribly political and will do or say anything for votes. I think this video proves it.        JEAN STOTHERT EXPOSED

Mean Jean Stothert represents bigotry in Omaha

Mean Jean Stothert, Omaha's Face of Bigotry

And then there is Omaha Businessman and Cranky Conservative Extraordinaire, David Nabity, who has also prostituted himself out for some gubernatorial political campaign support in 2006. These two sneaky politicians sound like they ripped out a page right out of Jon Bruning’s Raccoon playbook.  Here’s a look at DAVID NABITY EXPOSED

When David Nabity has a fire at his house, you can bet he wants four firefighters on the truck that gets called to his house!!!


  1. […] also known as her Fire Contract.  There is a previous Progressive Oasis article that features a video of Stothert being interviewed for Fire Union support for a previous election campaign.  You’ll see she supports many things the Fire Union wants […]


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