Posted by: Ken Riter | August 19, 2011

HRC Press Conference.

Four Big Players in Civil Right Protections for the LGBT Community!

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, City Councilman Ben Gray, HRC head Joe Solmonese and CFEP director Jeff Schamp spoke at a press conference on LGBT civil rights issues and officially announce that a Non-discrimination will be reintroduced in the Omaha City Council!   REJOICE!!!!

Directors from One Iowa and PFLAG also spoke as well as Mitch and Ryan of Lincoln winners of a wedding contest.

Ben Gray mentioned that since the last non-discrimination vote, 3 members of his district committed suicide.  I don’t think anyone in elective office in Nebraska understands the importance of Civil Rights Protections for the LGBT community better than Ben Gray himself.

At the HRC meeting the night before, Ben Gray expressed that he respected all religions, but he didn’t take an oath to defend the Torah, or the Bible or the Koran. He took an oath to defend the US Constitution and the 14th amendment ensures that no government can strip any citizen of the US of life and liberty without due process.

I’d like to thank Suttle and Gray for taking the time to support Omaha’s LGBT Community, especially after such a stormy week over the fire contract and the budget.  With the controversy of LGBT protections reaching the boiling last year, I can only imagine what drama this announcement brings for them on top of everything else.   Please, to all members of the LGBT community and straight allies, please support our local officials who truly do support our community!


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