Posted by: Ken Riter | August 18, 2011

Welcome to Progressive Oasis!!

In a conservative red state, a desert of no ideas.  Where do you find hope?  The Progressive Oasis!  ha!

In a country where its still ok to hate queers and cut budget on the backs of medicare and welfare recipients while corporation receive corporate welfare, corporate bailouts, and tax free rides from the IRS, progressive types need to stand up, stand out and speak loudly and clearly!

While I’m not sure what direction this blog will go, I can say it will center around what have been considered progressive ideas: Government involvement, as well as citizen involvement in that government.  Money for an educated populace, civil rights protections for the Queer community, fair voting rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, you name it!

Tea Partiers and Republicans have attacked Obama for his rhetoric that they are too blame for the debt ceiling debacle and the following downgrade of the US credit rating, Obama points out, it was they who started such rhetoric as demanding he show his birth certificate, accusing him of being a socialist and accusing him of wanting to destroy the greatest nation this world has come to know.

All Progressives share an intellect, a know how when it comes to running this country and understanding how things work, it would be in injustice to America to let this knowledge be buried under the ignorance of those who only care about wallets and birth certificates!!! Vote Democrat!

Progressive issues have always been about people, not wallets, needs not wants.  Its time we are heard, in Omaha, in Nebraska, in the Heartland, in THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!



  1. Thank you!!!


  2. Thank you!


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