Posted by: Ken Riter | September 16, 2013

Local Blogger Launches Lee Terry For Retirement Page.

OMAHA, NE – A blogger in Omaha has launched the Lee Terry For Retirement FaceBook Page, hoping to capitalize on the fact that the do-nothing Congressman has been placed on the GOP list of endangered Congressmen for the 2014 elections, and to share news dealing Lee Terry and the political fight for his House seat.  I wonder who that blogger could possibly be?

Remember when Lee Terry promised self imposed term limits?  Well eight terms later we see it was a promise that meant nothing.  Not surprising coming from a Congressman who has done nothing in in DC. Why does this district keep electing him? Are voters just not paying attention? Are voters in Nebraska 2nd Congressional District comatose?

How about that gut check on Lee Terry’s Gut Feelings on Syria’s possession of chemical weapons? He claims Syria obtained chemical weapons from Iraq.  But despite making those claims, the do nothing Congressman says we shouldn’t attack Syria. Even Rachel Maddow takes a well-deserved swipe at do-nothing Congressman Lee Terry.

Recently, in Nebraska, when Lee Terry was asked what he would replace ObamaCare with, he responded with a plan that is very similar to what John Kerry proposed during his 2004 Presidential bid.  Was Lee Terry smart enough to realize that his plan is similar to John Kerry’s, and that John Kerry’s plan is similar to Obamacare?

It is no surprise that Congressman Terry is on the endangered list for 2014, he is been out of touch with his constituents for years. The Nebraska Democrats point out that Lee Terry is an undistinguished backbencher whose sole accomplishment to date is renaming a post office in Omaha. Do you think Lee Terry is a deficit hawk?  Don’t forget, Lee Terry voted for two worthless tax cuts, two costly wars, Medicare part D and the Wall Street Bailout. These votes between 2001 and 2009 added $10 trillion to the national debt.  Lee Terry’s votes in Congress were key in helping change our budget from a surplus in 2001 to a $1.3 trillion annual deficit in 2009. We don’t need Terry Lee in office anymore. Let’s get him out!

Make sure you check out the new Lee Terry for Retirement page here.  Help get Lee Terry out office by helping to share the truth about ALL THE ABSOLUTE NOTHING Lee Terry has done in office. Please like and share the page.

Lee Terry unwittingly narrates to pics of damage from the Mayflower Oil Spill.


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