Posted by: Ken Riter | December 5, 2012

Democrats Demand Election Chief Phipps’ Removal.

OMAHA, NE – Douglas County Democrats are demanding the removal of Election Commissioner Phipps removal after irregularities during the primary and general election votes in 2012. Phipps has also been accused of unfairly closing polls in Douglas County, ending in the disenfranchisement of voters in the poorer and more diverse areas of Omaha.  A bill passed by Nebraska Unicameral, LB449, allowed for a significant increase in voters per precinct.  Dave Phipps claimed he was subject to the changes allowed by the bill, so he closed a large number of polls in Douglas County.  It was later admitted, by Phipps himself, that he was responsible for much of the content of the bill to begin with.

The Douglas County Democrats sent out an email with the following information:

The [Constitution] gives us the right to petition our government and demand justice when we see injustice abound.  What has happened in 2012 has been inexcusable and deliberate.  It has been a systematic destruction of our citizens ability to cast their vote and make their voices heard.  We must create a strong front to demand that Governor Dave Heineman removes current Election Commissioner Dave Phipps from office.  Our goal is to collect signatures of citizens of Douglas County and present those to not only to Gov. Heineman, but also to the entire Nebraska Legislators that represent Douglas County.

You may ask why should Dave Phipps be removed.  The following evidence shows Mr. Phipps, through his intentional gross negligence, incompetence and intentional dishonesty, took deliberate acts to suppress and deny voters of any and all political persuasion the most sacred right we have; the right to vote:

  • Closing nearly 1/2 of all Polling Places in Douglas County with just weeks prior to the Primary Election
  • Sending some voters 3 or 4 different voter registration cards during 2012
  • Deliberately sending the incorrect voter registration cards to voters when he could have stopped them from printing in the first place
  • Lied to voters when he stated that his sole purpose for the closings was to save taxpayer dollars…he went over savings
  • Stated that he was forced to comply with the new law (LB 449)…only after the election he boasted that he “wrote 95% of the bill”
During the Primary and General Elections:
  • Voters were asked for Photo ID in order to vote when none was required
  • Voters were required to show their voter identification number in order to vote
  • Voters were denied the right to vote provisionally
  • Polling places had the incorrect ballots for voters to use
  • Due to vast confusion, when a voter arrived at the wrong polling place, they were not told the correct place to vote
  • Poll workers could not reach the Election Commissioner’s office to solve problems, so voters were told to come back later
  • Not enough provisional ballots at polling places
  • Voters received pre-filled ballots
Please, click on the online petition icon and place your name as a person that wants the return of honest elections prior to the upcoming city elections.  Also, please click on the paper petition form and get your family, friends, co-workers…even strangers to sign the petition. We must bring back fair elections and if Dave Phipps remains our Election Commissioner, that is in serious jeopardy.
And Republicans like Scott Lautenbaugh claim Democrats have no right to complain.
Here is a link to the online petition calling for Phipps’ removal.  And please like the FaceBook page, Remove Election Commissioner Dave Phipps.


  1. you might want to also check out LR 478..


    • Thanks for the heads up!! I had no idea that was going on!


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