Posted by: Ken Riter | October 12, 2012

Marriage Equality Gets Possible Jolt With Stem Cell Discovery.

OMAHA, NE – The same Radical Fundamentalist Christian Right that judges against Queers and their struggles for marriage equality could have one less argument in the coming years. A stem cell discovery coming from the Kyoto University Institute will allow gay men to create their own eggs that can than be used for surrogate birth. The discovery would allow the use of embryonic stem cells to create eggs with one of the men’s DNA that can then be fertilized by the other partners sperm and implanted in a surrogate. One small step for Gay Man, One Giant Leap for All Same-Sex Marriages.  No more need for a female to donate egg cells. This new discovery makes the Radical Right’s argument that same-sex marriage is unnatural pointless.  Straight couples unable to conceive naturally have used “test tube” technology and other ways to have their own kids. Now with this technology gay male couples can have children of their own, with the DNA from both partners involved as well. This technology would also allow women with unusable egg cells for whatever reason to conceive a child with their own DNA.

This isn’t the only great news for same sex couples recently. The SCOTUS is to take up the issue of the Federal DOMA. The fact that the defenders of DOMA speak in such terms of bigotry and hate only helps the case to rule it unconstitutional. According to the New York Times, LGBT issues just might get their Brown vs Board of Education with the case on DOMA. In Washington State, former priests speak out in favor of marriage equality. In Washington, 63 former Roman Catholic priests will publicly support Referendum 74. Several states, including Maine and Maryland, have marriage equality on the ballot this year and prospects look good for those who support Marriage Equality.

Here’s a YouTube personality I recently discovered on a friend’s FaceBook page, I think you’ll like him, too!

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