Posted by: Ken Riter | August 21, 2012

Republicans Behaving Badly.

OMAHA, NE – Where do I start?  This article could get long, Republicans get away with all kinds of horrible behavior!  You don’t even have to look far to see it going on right here in Nebraska.  The Nebraska State Auditor finds millions of state tax dollars at risk, all under Governor Heineman’s watch. With state child care and a mental health facility in the dumps and a lieutenant governor in the humps, who went on a fling out in western Nebraska on taxpayer dollars , what else can Heineman get away with? Its sad not much has come out about Lt Gov Sheehy driving around the state on the taxpayers dollar so he can go sleep with his secret mistress out in western Nebraska.

Then we have Lee Terry’s new ad, chastising John Ewing for a deficit only Lee Terry could have helped create by supporting  2 unfunded wars and the Medicare part D program.  The Medicare Donut Hole is something the Affordable Care Act fixes, which both Ewing and Obama support.  Remember, that  if Lee Terry has done anything in Congress, it is naming a post office, and helping Bush run up the deficit.  But don’t forget all those failed bills of Lee Terry, and who would ever forget about that comely lobbyist? Let’s not forget that Lee Terry stood with Congressman Akin as they tried to redefine rape during this Congress.  Disgusted yet?

Next we have those skinny dipping Republicans. Including none other than GOP Kansas Congressman KevinYoder who took off his clothes and jumped into the Sea of Galilee. Of course other Republicans joined him, but they kept some clothes on.  Yes, America, this is what you handed the keys to in Congress in the 2010 elections.  Nice job, America!  Could I be more sarcastic?

Then we have the King of Incompetence, Todd Akin. I wonder which Red State he went to school in?  Really? A woman’s body shuts down after a “legitimate” rape?  Wow, My brain almost shuts down at the stupidity that is still emanating from Todd Akin’s mouth. But, Please stay in the race though!  I want McCaskill to win!  LOL Of course, of all the news outlets out there, The Onion gets it right!

And last, but certainly not least is America’s Go Back team, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! No flip-flop too difficult, no lie to hard to tell when you have a member of the 1% who wants the Presidency bad enough.  Mitt Romney showed the McCain campaign 23 tax returns for the number 2 spot and was passed over in favor of Sarah Palin as a result. Not that he is running for the top position he won’t show the public what he’s hiding. Must be really damaging.  Obama has even offered to show 5 tax returns if Romney will show 5.  Then we have Paul Ryan, follower of Ayn Rand and another Congressional pal of losers, Lee Terry and Todd Akin. Paul Ryan is happy to be clinging to guns and religion. Just don’t tell him that his idol, Ayn Rand was an atheist and against the Vietnam War!  LOL

Keeping US Tax Dollars for Themselves!

Who is greedier?

Stay tuned for another chapter of Republicans Behaving badly. You know it will never stop!  LOL

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