Posted by: Ken Riter | March 8, 2012

Omaha LGBT Community Endures Public Hearing Over Basic Rights

OMAHA, NE – Omaha’s LGBT Community endured a harrowing public hearing Tuesday, March 6th over Ben Gray’s Equal Employment Ordinance which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s list of protected classes.  National LGBT Blog Towleroad and local blog Aksarbent both covered great stories on this as well!  Many members of the LGBT Community and their straight allies spoke in favor of the ordinance, telling stories of harassment, hiding and frivilous termination over their sexual orientation or gender identity. They also had to endure tales of ignorance, hate, bigotry and outright religious quackery from the ordinance’s lesser informed opponents.

Perhaps these lesser informed opponents could explain just what the hell STD’s have to do with workplace discrimination and when the last time God sent floods and tornadoes to destroy a city for homosexuality? Of course, there is the Old Testament, but even after the so called Great Flood, God promised not to destroy the world in that fashion again.  That’s when God gave the gays the rainbow!  LOL  Where in the New Testament did God ever send floods and tornadoes to destroy?  You know what he did send down?  Jesus. Why?  Because he loves ALL of us.  Funny how these so called Christians will single out one sin from the Bible and go on a crusade.

God Loves, But With Restrictions

God Loves, But With Restrictions. Religion couldn't look more man-made. FAUX Public Service Announcement from the Nebraska Heritage Coalition. LOL

These hypocrites can tell us that homosexuality is a sin. Great!  Where does it say that in The Constitution?  It doesn’t, and court rulings have ruled that religious freedom grants others freedom FROM religion and that since the government will not establish a state religion, that inherently creates a separation of church and state.  Why is that so hard?  Also, council members like Thompson, Gernandt, and Mulligan want to hear the facts about the issue, since when did religious quackery become the facts to decide a civil issue?  Dear religious quacks, please bring proof that God even exists. Thank you.

A number of these enlightened and lesser informed opponents formed some sort of Omaha based Axis of Evil who call themselves the Nebraska Heritage Coalition. Several members of the anti-gay Nebraska Heritage Coalition thanked Mean Jean Stothert.  Apparently, to get it all started took just one political booty call.



  1. How about you bring your proof that God doesn’t exist! I totally agree that “religion” is a bunch of BS…but as a “believer” in God and his word I believe “The Bible” is quite clear about His views on homosexuality. Don’t want to argue about it cause I didn’t say it, because it’s His position…I just happen to believe it. Just like you have the right to belief what you want.

    But “religious people” do tend to forget there is no sin scale (sin is sin), so unforgivened sin whether homosexuality, lying, adultery, stealing, murdering, promiscuity, or aborting living babies…all carry the exact same condemnation and has same consequences.

    LGBT people, you have the right to believe and live how you want, but if you truly believe that, then don’t forget my same right to disagree and believe otherwise.

    Tolerance doesn’t mean you have to accept another person’s lifestyle choice…it means you should respect another person’s right to believe different than yourself.


    • Well, fine, but don’t use religion or a belief in the Bible as an excuse to discriminate. It was policy when bible thumpers did it for race and sex, it bad policy when done against homosexuals. Keep religion at church, you have no right to force your religious beliefs onto others, that’s what the 1st Amendment says.


    • Nondiscrimination laws do not violate religious freedom! Get over it!


  2. councilman franklin thompson btw is a member of Lifegate Church of Omaha (which is part of infamous willow creek association cult)

    which is worth why he’s a member of that church

    cause some of the staff and members including Mike Ballard and Les Beauchamp and Jim Deese and Tracy Rice and Micah Eldridge and Sean Keith and Adam Hoing among others at Lifegate

    signed the not relevant Nebraska Heritage Coalition.


    anyone think that was a conflict of interest for thompson. I think Thompson likely had his mind madeup (with Lifegate’s help) before the vote.


    • Thanks for the info. He’s just like Stothert, they always knew how they would vote on it. Professor Thompson made a complete jackass of himself at the city council session. He’s had over 17 months to learn his material. I wonder how long his students get to learn the material he assigns them?


  3. ur welcome and keep up the good work

    I think Thompson should go in 2013. we dont need a Lifegate Church spokesmouth on the city council.

    considering he voted against the ordinance and numerous Lifegate leaders and members:

    such as

    Adam Hoing
    Brian Demmel
    Connie Bissen
    David Collins
    Eric Gayer
    Jeffrey L. Payne
    Jim Deese
    Joetta J. Raike

    Les Beauchamp (the pastor of Lifegate Church)
    Micah Eldridge
    Mike Ballard

    Robert Wilson
    Sean Keith (a so called Christian singer)

    Timothy M. LeColst and Tracy Rice

    are part of the Nebraska Heritage Coalition, and he is a member of Lifegate church

    I think there was a conflict of interest for sure. I would bet on it.

    btw, ken, you should check out:

    they montior right wing christian loonies. they even mentioned old hopefully SOON TO BE ex-UNO “pastor” phil kayser a couple months back


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